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Payday Loan in Alaska

    Okay I would really appreciate some help right about now. I need $100 by tommaro for a very (almost extreamly) important reason. I have a job but no saved money bacause of bills and other expenses so i make around 500 a month, I'm 18, and i'm pretty sure my only way of getting $100 is by overdrafting my account which i tried to do today but didn't work and the guy was really mean, I don't know why. Alaska getting a payday loan from online that accepts me being 18, having no creadit, and low income. I was wondering if any of you guys knew any sites that match my critera or exactly how i can overdraft my account. I have bank of america by the way. a checking account. Will it work if i try another banks atm? Or should i completly open a new account and then overdraft? I know this is a really messy thing to do but it's the only option i have. Thanks for those who help

    Take anything of value you have to a pawn shop. They will give you a short term loan at a good rate. Fail to pay back, all they do is keep the item. Do you have music equipment, a gold watch, video cameras? New regulations will not allow you to overdraft unless you write a check and mail it to someone or do online bill pay to pay a bill. Even if you apply for overdraft (which incurrs horrendous fees) you still have a 24 hour waiting period (could be more).

    You can instanly acquire an online payday loan as much as $1000 using this site: I managed to get our payday loan despite the fact that I had a very bad credit history.

Is this real or a scam?

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