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Payday Loan in Alaska

    I recently signed up with Oakview law Group and i am a bit skeptical now because i have already paid them $100 and my next pmt is coming due this Friday which is going to go directly to paying them first then my second months payment is going to go to paying them and then the rest into a trust account where it starts to build up in order to pay my payday loans that i have out there if they will settle with them. Is it best to just cancel this and try to work with the payday loan companies? Most of them are demanding so much but i am not sure what to do. I dont want them to garnish my paycheck and then i cannot survive, I got so in debt with these that the only way to get out is just to default and try some how to maybe habe the debt settlement company help me to not have to deal with them but that does not work, they call from dusk till dawn and leave msg after msg and i am so scared to talk to them. What should i do? I am not sure of the rules in my state of Alaska for online payday loan companies. Does anyone know what kind of rules there is that may protect me in my state from them constantly calling and harrassing me. It has not gotten too bad yet.

    I’d suggest you not to waste time trying to settle your debts by your own. In fact, you can hardly do anything about it. Most creditors will not pay you any heed until and unless you are backed by law firms. At least that’s what my experience says. I tried a settlement with Chase when I had gotten into huge credit card debts; but failed to work out one with them. I kept calling them, asked for the fax and account# but the guy on the other end kept me on hold for quite a long time and finally said that my account was ineligible for settlement. I would also advise you not to default unless you are forced to. That will only add to your trouble and won’t stop the creditor harassment. My personal experience says that your creditors will surely take you seriously once they know you are represented by a law firm. In that case, oakview law firm can be a good option. I too was skeptical initially, but took time in reviewing them when I came to know about its accreditation with the BBB and the Bar Association of California. You can also have a good faith on them about 100% Money Back Policy written on their website. They will return your payments if you are not satisfied with them you can drop out of their program before it ends. Well, that keeps you away from monetary losses. Also what I learned that creditors will love to come to a settlement for 70 cents on the dollar rather selling your account to a collection agency for 40 cents on the dollar. So go for the settlement. Another advantage is if your creditors are not willing to take a settlement offer, a law firm like oak view can only file a chapter 7 bankruptcy on your behalf which means your creditors will loose all money from you. That is something that your creditor will take care while settling your debt. Also if you want to make sure of the payday loan rules in OR, a law firm with licensed attorneys will be the better option. So, I think you are just on the right track by enrolling with oakview.

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Can someone explain microloans to me?

  • Rozella Kunze
    Rozella Kunze
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  • Linnie Breitenberg
    Linnie Breitenberg
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    Imogene Gleichner
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