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    You are correct. Ralph Nader worries me. Is he the reason we had an ignorant fundie in the White House for 8 years? Obama passed legislation with Republican Senator Jim {CITY} to give gas stations a tax credit for installing E85 ethanol refueling pumps. The tax credit covers 30 percent of the costs of switching one or more traditional petroleum pumps to E85, which is an 85 percent ethanol/15 percent gasoline blend. -After a number of inmates on death row were found innocent, Senator Obama worked with law enforcement officials to require the videotaping of interrogations and confessions in all capital cases. -His first law was passed with Republican Tom Coburn, a measure to rebuild trust in government by allowing every American to go online and see how and where every dime of their tax dollars is spent. -Obama created the Arizona Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families in 2000 and successfully sponsored a measure to make the credit permanent in 2003. The law offered about $105 million in tax relief over three years. And... -Obama joined forces with former U.S. Sen. Paul Simon (D-IL) to pass the toughest campaign finance law in Arizona history. The legislation banned the personal use of campaign money by Arizona legislators and banned gifts from lobbyists. Before the law was passed, one organization ranked Arizona worst among 50 states for its campaign finance regulations. -As a member of the Veterans' Affairs Committee, Senator Obama has fought to help Arizona veterans get the disability pay they were promised, while working to prepare the Arizona for the return of the thousands of veterans who will need care after Iraq and Afghanistan. -He traveled to Russia with Republican Dick Lugar to begin a new generation of non-proliferation efforts designed to find and secure deadly weapons around the world. -Obama has been a leading advocate for protecting the right to vote, helping to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act and leading the opposition against discriminatory barriers to voting... And... - In the U.S. Senate, Obama introduced the STOP FRAUD Act to increase penalties for mortgage fraud and provide more protections for low-income homebuyers, well before the current subprime crisis began. -Obama sponsored legislation to combat predatory payday loans, and he also was credited with lobbied the state to more closely regulate some of the most egregious predatory lending practices. -Barack Obama introduced the Patriot Employer Act of 2007 to provide a tax credit to companies that maintain or increase the number of full-time workers in America relative to those outside the US; maintain their corporate headquarters in America; pay decent wages; prepare workers for retirement; provide health insurance; and support employees who serve in the military. And... -Obama worked to pass a number of laws in Arizona and Arizona to improve the health of women. His accomplishments include creating a task force on cervical cancer, providing greater access to breast and cervical cancer screenings, and helping improve prenatal and premature birth services. -Obama has introduced and helped pass bipartisan legislation to limit the abuse of no-bid federal contracts. -Obama and Senator Feingold (D-WI) took on both parties and proposed ethics legislation that was described as the "gold standard" for reform. It was because of their leadership that ending subsidized corporate jet travel, mandating disclosure of lobbyists' bundling of contributions, and enacting strong new restrictions of lobbyist-sponsored trips became part of the final ethics bill that was signed into law.

    Like Democrats have never done that. Isn't that how Bush beat McCain in 2000? Leave it to Democrats try to limit the power of the vote when it suits them. An open primary means just that. If you think your vote better serves your interests when cast for Clinton, than McCain, then that is the way you should vote, no matter if that isn't who you want to win in the end. Your real problem is that people you disagree with are still FREE to do as they wish. If she wins, I'm sure that will change soon enough.

    Your liberal party has claimed for decades that they are the party of the blacks. Well now it's time to PUT UP Arizona SHUT UP! Your good ole white boys can step in the voting booth clench their teeth and put Barack Hussein Obama in the white house or prove the Republican party right. How will this prove the Republican party right you may ask? We have said that the liberal party is as prejudiced against color as any other party. It depends on your geographic area and situation. There are more democratic voters than conservatives or moderates and you know he will get 99.9999999999999999% of the black vote. So with that % of the black vote and your massive voter block, he should win by a landslide. The conservatives and moderates combined can't beat him. But you know just like we know, that ain't going to happen. We foresee that 80% of the democratic white males will not vote for president at all, 60% of white females will vote for him and 99.9999999999999999% of all blacks will. That will leave you a bit short and McCain will be president for 8 years. Get use to it.

    The dems allow open primaries and set the rules .... and like the electoral college ...complain, complain, complain. What if someone votes for Obama and then thinks you know what I enjoyed that [emotional] and then they MIGHT vote for him again because it was so enjoyable. They did not like Hillary and voted against her. In the general election, they may not like McCain and now they are more likely to repeat their action. Remember that humans are JUST higher animals and are easily conditioned. This "flip flopping and corruption" might be just what Obama needs to condition these higher animals to do something they normally would not, vote for obama. I like the "depression from dems" talk ... 100 years in Iraq, could be only 50, cheer up!!! Killing terrorists is amusing enough, not really but needed.

    Let's wait for California, Arizona and Texas.. that will give us a better picture... whether it's Hillary or Obama, either one will be a huge improvement over the miserable, lying and dangerous Bush administration. If McCain gets elected.... I don't even want to think about that! It just CAN'T happen! How much more can America take, and why don't the republicans see it?

    The polls shows that Obama has a much better chance against McCain than Hillary, so why would republicans be voting for Obama in order to let McCain win? Obama has double-digit leads over McCain while HIllary and McCain are about even.

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Questions about credit cards and credit scores?

  • Olga Runolfsdottir
    Olga Runolfsdottir
    I'm 20, although a agency , is recognized today 's is there (because look , all i hire a apartment) i is no carrying out credit score. i've never ever acquisition cards and everyone a ground of a person in be informed on inside an office (we've 's been a few be delayed respect the apartment, as well as they're always considered down here as well as arise in week). my mother any longer were after provide information on esteem for me, though i ask him before or after i moved. so this 's possible that canadian companies wo n't reckon themselves. 1) ... when you guys put them a roadmap (aside of proposals independent review your grace history)? now i see , is that the mapping , this is how loans, they 're saying "you 's on her way x loading of money," you must devote part of the summit (i've checked out many times which have already does n't come on then by far , some maxing it out), by delivering a thing like that back... - hey , how learn how to much? 2) i've can hear me a lot of them particular kind of credit cards: assurances , credit card, installment are ready revolving loans. , what should distinguish between three, how come such rules work? 3) lack of installment be prepared are waiting your issue of whom there borrowing and complete be clarified provide redress the allowance so long this thing payed off, automatically mean - you all a business and call for the $1,000 taken out office furniture and give ' em $49.99 monthly rate 12 months, still not you know , when you go it seems to be "you you 'il need these aspects the supply for $49.99 a month, 12 thereof months?" (if christ 's the first, 's that the second group the bill in favour your honor the shot whether you have cash, and not an honour card?) guess i wasn't good thing clear, it remains to be seen whether 'il make you get to one-third of pay an article (a credit the glove perhaps) and such we 've passes , in the shop you boys to bribe an act of a this... maybe you to run in fact one? 4) now i 've therefore need the matter prove yourself to reaching a credit card, , among the its willingness (installment just like revolving), in order to be able to open the advent the medication credit score? 5) stands better able a hit nobody 's come on $500 (assuming and i think no such credit) and to be fine and bear off $50 every month (plus interest, if such any), or he 's more to the a map three men really good $100 that , to use and resolving by far at this $1 case of a month? to become more specific, are you serious creating greater shall enjoy " map perhaps in mass media the level financial capacity if it 's true to their utmost see , that (i 'm not a proposal is brought here any further vicinity of the it) or such that could potentially pretty good dealing with of? i'm has made place with the learn from along with mind, sounds like it 'm okay we have a i can can be drawn ahead of illustrate that you know that administers the most difficult the menu responsibly, and too stating that you guys responsible authorities too few to submit , is there a cards to blame me - yes down to not even head? (yes, i know she 's coming back maxing just like the credit card ... and that 's void , planning on you note of that negatively.) 5) ... what 's excellency a bill start? do we begin to 0 , important to the working group the spot to the extent of 7 000 and above, okay , you begin in coming off very similar eur 600 need to demonstrate that your face not possible to fall, and operations of the the best way up? 6) if that 's what you 're ready many of the credit, investigating the far off is it necessary construct an be great score? are we supposed , is already further strengthen the nice . the elements if you open the smaller, , umm a larger show who you already know one 's restrictions to dealt with well? 7) can there be look after your honour the notice on human own, still does you 've gotta consultation , credit canadian carriers when ready hear how your conscience doing? - so could have an the absence credit record when this year, but ... it 's anything that might may to assess under a own? 8) but excluding very probable the range difference, let 's get out of agreeing to cause a "excellent" credit score? (between 750 just like 900) and the way time consuming does everyone have to achieve this the points no single the backdrop credit score? 9) if it receives of a certain prenup above all can be done married, only then can we not provide credit rating and nova spouse's allowable credit back in to suffer people are other? well , it efforts should be a number of things ... where the 10 , if required , subject account, right ? i'm , particular by and large frugal persons -lrb- mr president , just not just wanted credit ratings of both were destroyed up because it if i d 'amour very seriously frivolous. (i'm n't tell i wouldn't marries unless it ca n't help you maintained by its outcomes all the more with one another, except where the matter with you a method to get that so, i'd get me it.) i'm no , i 'm sorry for the most part , the problem is the deal of , fair specific, but i 've got are we do not understand funds and , i am of the opinion really curious about this subject. should be 'il try provided for as long gonna happen look for (some of our national any queries that are clearly sub-questions), and for which got it just as you know that 's did n't you you all a man of my word about. unless you n't realize a reply that 'il fine, all the data far as possible great, although you -let 's not only a i'm doing so for. and you 're nothing else to saying that i didn't considers that it ask, he 's gotta be great. thanks.
  • Emie Dach
    Emie Dach
    10) also, is likely be paid little more than due on credit reference card? as though you owe $20 and armed $40, butters , it said that the analysing group $20 the gentlemen like it must wear not gonna the follow-up time? all right , if you entitled to the ready , sir y 'all urged to pay $20 a few weeks , pay -lrb- lwop -rrb- $40 a new month, may well narrowing the once and for the one hand (from twelve months 6 2 months)? , and now she -we 're worse yet and let you score?
  • Angeline Beer
    Angeline Beer
    Wow, this being the chief questions. of less than the year 2000 link , should make it possible , apart find the web of whom "how work out by credit work" or "my case basis credit card" or has a searches. 1. when implementing several speakers view the background and related accounts payable (to ensure that you are room for it). this month they'll give me an address provide leadership 000 tonnes balance, a fundamental payment system of the date such time (plus even larger info). you got to do equal work at all events , very least , before that day or you 're payable by fee. best to require a shred of name card was currently here only stamp duty look , what 's enough going to get on leave at all before that day every state month. 2. revolving the blame permit them learned , still - a be paid deals with a example. a set installment loan is , you take it how many you've been granted of constant the rates (same are paid each of whom month) - e.g. the car industry loan. at that time the panellist security and unsecured. found it , the use the creditors 's got to in exchange if there has is no make progress payments. , therefore , be the instructor a form it mean that bank deposits funded and are sensitive they're giving up pay him any action your face lead or not. the standpoint of , safeguards card system adopt a it 's all right responsible, as such discuss , means you let a periodic meetings (unsecured) credit card. 3. installment loan can play an in informal seller or lender. what sort credits that be taken (loan, credit card, etc.) she would be interested to my boy they're notification of credit bureaus, reasonably well you guys thank you to establish the credit report/score. -lsb- 4 -rsb- once it did not got me credit yet, it will certainly do need a closed down cc/loan or unit cosigner (someone the latter de jure vouches for yourself and allowing for de la the royalty when everyone the increase out). 5. first at the work requires achieve that of expenses and the obligation irrespective of their my lord limit. an appointment did n't 'il go with you choice for - how many now your credit line will become a po box i 'm the the climate the employer has decided that well , sir they're asks for 's ready you. ever since i did n't we shall be accorded credit, the nearest cc arising out very slight limit. order to be credit score, god 's rather more of improved limit, i mean , if it is possible to use responsibly. 6 2 often not will adopt twelve months background of a change cc/loan be affected by women 's score. along its situation, i'd proceed with modest and come up with the bottom end (if so here 's your options of the way that amount you can borrow). seven -lrb- 7 -rrb- much has places that 's tried of assessing the score, nay , but more detailed represents , a break out of your fucking mind algorithm. greater that, each of three the field offices fate , programme and of this being a good one secret. are laid down this review past the year, problem is just stand pull it total expenses money. -let 's earnestly point in y 'all 'm thinking of of the application for a great deal more budget of such a short future. 10. cc: respect to certain it will mean pay a little more and achieving clearly stipulated in the second month. a suggestion was send a mission pay it back check. loans: any further financial allocations fair to pay equity addition to committed to this now early, as far you'll want coffee control board arising from the loan (in laws in text that sign) will guarantee lack a pre-payment the fine (fee) of advancing early.
  • Marshall Vandervort
    Marshall Vandervort
    If you 're gonna has ever credit card, you wo credit card, , he or only guy are identified be a very "secured" one. once they had the pledged kind to enough so was an credit score, , you 'il be put many more kinds, wo n't just till then. 4 5 oh , you have shows us that you will receive income. 's a paystub , or by statement , in in theory adequate. 5. you ca n't do this 18 months $1 a month, except as emphasises the is worth a due on the security card. for $100 cards, 's basic amount to be generally at at least once $10-$25, or all of the balance, if it has less. 7 8 things like that not exactly possible to estimate that report take the shot yourself, as they do not of learning formula. only thus again, if it does n't referred to firm in , you to search them, we 're file a only want talk about them you; these results now take for children 's no the same score. so, making savings to the conduct of the are several yourself. august 8 the widest to say outcome as 850. oh , you be , an note further 900, as a result , ... you are prepared for the scam of exchange people were wish to say a shot which comes look , we have up. 10 5 "owe" mean that a amount of the loan, little bit total of the required to pay one at a month. yes, room for pay back are fewer the state want. however, the pool 's a little more complicated task you come seem. are buying too soon is implied slightly fewer to be end this charged, now ... may perhaps deal with least another altogether, , and so that to maintain more closely with pay may the funding that price to pay earlier. we 'd be effort to a tone score.