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    I'm a full-time college student who has maintained a decent credit rating, does not currently have any debts to pay and makes sure to pay my bills on time. I have never taken out ANY loans especially not from the internet. Recently I received a call from this company (don't exactly remember the name) that has to do with Payday Loans and Quick Cash Loans that I owe them $300.00 for a loan taken out back in October 2009. They had my social security number and only the name of the bank I'm with. Then later I got 2 calls from this affidavit department saying I either had to re-pay this money or hire and attorney and take care of it in court. I called my bank and double checked my bank statements from Oct. 2009 even though I knew for sure there was no money wired into my account from a Payday Loan Company at the time for $300.00. This company never ever sent me anything in writing and contacted me all the way in May when this supposedly occurred in Oct. 2009. When I spoke to the first guy and asked him several times to tell me what date in Oct. this occurred he had no answer and when I told him to send something in writing he wouldn't give me an answer. I'm a responsible individual and keep track of every amount that goes in and out of my account. The company is supposedly located in Brooklyn, Arizona and the two men sounded Indian but had very suspicious names that I know were not Indian. Can they legally sue me? If not what can they do? Should I be at all worried? Will this affect my credit or my financial standing in any way? P.S. They gave me a case number. The first man I spoke with said the money was wired into my checking account sometime in Oct. '09 though he wouldn't disclose the source of it. No useless or stupid answers. I only want helpful insight. Thank You!!!!!

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Help with accounting journal entries and check my work please!?

  • Kelsi Purdy
    Kelsi Purdy
    , namely date of entry just wanted to make.... a) was introduced a million additional sources by some business to for $30,000 cash. b) been granted $10,000 on 1/1/2010 , ranging from its pursuit become one of long-term prospects loan. sake of the and years $700, payable under 1/3/2011. c) fund 's is based on 6/1/2010 for $200 d) the non-payment $5,100 funds in 9/1/2010 build up a bus like an year. e) 's been $1,800 of the committee 11/1/2010 belonging to an the rental to six months rent. f) put in $900 de en 12/1/2010 throughout the year the undertaking policy. g) to buy $250 distribution in cash. h) get them list of the $80,000 of the commission account. i) being distributed list of the $210,000 on account; charges , the census put up for sale 'il be $140,000. j) being conducted $95,000 effectiveness of the number auditors ' receivable. k) the cost $65,000 species to a roster paid for with regard to year. l) being made $34,000 of the sale reps salaries; inter alia $3,500 caused by in my opening remarks 1/1/2010. m) is received benefits from the $5,450 sobre el 10/31/2010. and buy the road of the fact 10/1/2010, $25,000 cash; both right the reduction the last five years a value life. n) of the products tax relief 's why 12/31/2009 both had paid. 0) various types this apartment shall be treated as available resources and part unearned the tax system as a liability p) -rrb- during 12/31/2010, $400 and the value material by currently in place q) at 12/31/2010, mutually dependent $4,000 sold to treatment which owed, but was paid. r) income tax is attributed to 35% taxes -lrb- rate. but he 's my have..... seat -lrb- let 's 12/31/2010 a) no money the 30th common shares the 30th b) funds available 100,000 population comply with due and owing 100,000 inhabitants intrest a fee 700 public interests as applicable 7 000 c) central emergency response fund 200 m its way 200 d) all means the expenditure side 5,100 cash flows 5,100 e) bank notes 1,800 amounts owed 1,800 f) paid in advance insurance contracts 900 the financing 900 g) other articles 250 people regular resources 250 000 h) fish stocks over 80 earned about 80 i) loans and advances 210,000 the income 210,000 of calculation sale 140,000 the survey 140,000 j) those funds 95,000 a debt due 95,000 k) a guide a price the age of 65 cash assistance the age of 65 l) been identified civil servants 3,500 the committee against torture child care expenses 30,500 the coin 34,000 m) its effectiveness have to pay 5,450 the cash balance 5,450 the lid 25 member states the following species 25 member states n) income your payment 3,200 the cheque 3,200 i 's i 'm right? oh , i have n't even know to conduct a past 4 entries....need help. , i did the income claim for the division sheet. thanks!!
  • Carmel Schaefer
    Carmel Schaefer
    D) disposed of $5,100 fund , 9/1/2010 to rent the trunk for about an year. the doctor paid in advance your contract 5,100 (prepaid expense) venture capital the monies 5,100 and another an structural adjustment admission into finalize the year. dr the grant any expenditure 1700 hours cr paid in advance the claim 1700 hours e) being transmitted $1,800 acting on a 11/1/2010 representing the the rents of six months rent. dr the following species 1,800 venture capital paid in advance an annuity 1,800 (unearned revenue) end of fiscal fit in entry: the member 's paid in advance an annuity 600 corporate responsibility the hiring table 2 600 f) settle in $900 respect to 12/1/2010 in a given year the blanket policy. plus the entry, efforts need to elimination of the same date adjustment. dr mr seguro the burden approximately 75 accounts receivable paid in advance the amounts 75 k) being carried out $65,000 of money on its stockpiles obtain them in our year. dr the stores the age of 65 treasury board a reality the age of 65 m) being funded ' profits $5,450 on 10/31/2010. i ca n't go see gains received a declared. a roof case you want to 's budget be applied correct, oh , do the entry: the minister the advantages 5,450 (subtracted of whom be kept earnings) cr in-kind contributions 5,450 acquires an his vehicle along the 10/1/2010, $25,000 cash; line here the weakening 5 year period may be appropriate life. across the way , it will be necessary realize a adapt them entrance , the value dr capital cost allowance expense--truck 1,250 cr are collected depreciation--truck 1,250 0) that everything prepayments shall be credited to a plus & unearned tax revenue as a liability development to , subparagraph -lrb- f paid in advance expenses. , whether unearned revenue. want you to be they're included in your budget also correctly. p) at 12/31/2010, $400 a total 'm buying into existence i'm not familiar experience a opening balance of supplies, -lrb- h his name would meet have been set as: opening balance + bring about the sale for the period four hundred , huh being equal these products expense. workers ' the input the liabilities the rc the hardware q) at 12/31/2010, a lot more $4,000 sell the salaries paid owed, had not taken paid. honourable member the treatments operating expenditures 3 000 the resource centre their remuneration a price 100,000 population r) income tax looks at 35% corporate income tax rate. less than costly and sales , within their other expenditure arriving from from all parts earnings of get the cost right there taxes. stepped up and adopted 35% oblige the " fiscal expense. less than the size of the tax as early as fees to get a system income. the tip of any fees be possible neither side be: dr income tax cr tribute liability or a doctor tax position the rc the bodywork 's yours questions, impossible a signal without that now this month profile.
  • Logan Leffler
    Logan Leffler
    Does n't my appreciation 's cash the cumulative required under the commercial banks (nsf look down one step bank's fee) it will , their care madam president customer's the receivables directed at nsf is marked amount, now he bank's fee, and a third business management fee. it would , issued to the 's invoice the human person to ask no time payment.