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    Ok - let me educate some of you who apparently need it. i work at "one of those advance to payday places",i have done so for 8 years. first off,i get so sick and tired of holier than thou people ridiculing my business. the practice was outlawed in Arizona because the banks interferred and tried to shut us down because we were taking money from their pockets by saving folks from having bounced checks,so we moved to SC,all of our customers followed us because they had no where else to go. our interest is $15 per every $100,and we only loan about 60% of someones net pay for 1 week. the people who come to us know what they are doing and what the interest rate is,they thank us and are happy to have somewhere to go. people with no credit or tarnished credit cannot walk into a bank and simply get a personal loan,they have no options,unless they can qualify for a credit card,and their interest would be much higher. the normal fee for a bounced check is @$30,and that will be charged for a check no matter the amount. we save people from those mishaps. also,you cannot get a small loan from an institution,such as $50 or $100,the smallest amount given in my area is $500,and sometimes you don't need that much,you only need gas and food money. we have customers who come in with bad credit,no family to borrow from - with no food in the house for their kids. we loan them $100 for a couple weeks,they are more yhan happy to pay the minimal charge for the service.we help teachers who are paid monthly,and may have a problem during the month. we have people come in for holidays,vacations,back to school etc. it is easy to call someone a crook when you have never been in a dire situation. the loan is A SHORT TERM FINANCIAL SOLOUTION,we do not reccomend abusing the service,nor do we target certain people for marketing,in all actuality - my office does no marketing.we don't have to,people seek the service because it is needed.we follow the fair debt collection practices act,so we are not loan sharks.now,i have heard horror stories about the online ones,so i deter anyone from resorting to that as they are not regulated and are not personal. we consider our regular customers family,i know their children,they bring their pets in for treats. they bring us gifts for christmas. no one sees the good side to what i do,only the bad. the stories that are negative are always publicized,not the good ones. someone who goes to 20 loan companies,and cries about the interest does not deserve to be heard - they know what they are doing,we don't beg anyone to borrow. we are here to help,we even offer financial counseling to those "getting in a mess". i go above and beyond to help people,i show them how to properly manage their checking account,have helped people with budgets,and etc. all that being said,i still cannot understand why we are scrutinized for our rates and practices,when a bank can get away with murder - charging bounce fees,for items that are $5 sometimes less,credit cards target college students,and the interest on most cards is obscene. this topic always burns me up,and i get sick and tired of defending my job. i tell someone where i work and they assume i break legs and con people for a living,which is ludacris. i apologize for rambling,and also that this is not as well written as it could be,but perhaps it has shed some light on the subject.

    I'm confident that you must find every financial solution at: loandirectory.info- RE Have you ever or do you know anybody who has?? used those advance till payday things off the internet?do people really use these things,and why am I all of the sudden getting my inbox bombed with these ad's,never did before.

    Yes unfortunately i did it was a kid from a poor family you know dressed in scruffy clothes was dirty and we thought stupid. After we finished school and went on to work or college didn't see friends or ex school people for some years, maybe 15-20 years i went into an electrical goods store and bumped into a guy i knew at school couldnt remember his name but it was the kid i bullied, asked him what he was doing work he was the southern area manager for the chain of stores that i was shopping in, so just goes to show huh

    No, I don't personally know of anyone, but I have heard that these scumbags target zip codes near military bases. These young military people get paid next to nothing., many living just above poverty levels, and they just plain have too much month left at the end of the money. These advance till payday places offer them a "solution" that totally takes advantage of them. Interest rates are insanely high. They can never get out of the hole they dig. I think they should be outlawed. Thanks for letting me vent.

    I have been getting a bunch of those as well but I figured "big brother" was checking out my bank account and thought I needed a fur coat or something. LOL.

    Nope! We used a "Check-Into-Cash" place once but the interest is so high,we never did it again! And that was because of an emergency!

    Sorry to hear your mail box is being filled with these annoying ads...I get loads of that stuff too, wish they'd stop!!! In answer to your question - No, I don't know anybody who has.

    I never used it myself but know someone who did. I would advise against it unless you are in dire need.

    I don't know anyone who's used them, but they strike me as loan sharks taking advantage of the desparate.

    No i would never use them but touch wood i dont get any junk mail so i have never seen them

Does a car title loan show on credit report when getting a mortgage?

  • Holden Mraz
    Holden Mraz
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  • Karianne Hirthe
    Karianne Hirthe
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  • Hertha King
    Hertha King
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    Orion Koch
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  • Wallace Sporer
    Wallace Sporer
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    Roderick Bergnaum
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