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Payday Loan in Arizona

    We need finacing fast to save our business, which is our only form of income. I have no credit and my partner has bad credit. We came so close to getting scammed by one of those payment up front loan scams. We don't have a car that can be put up as collateral for a loan. We don't own a home either. Does anyone know of anything we can do?

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    The government has made available special emergency financing. One of those emergency plans is called the ARC loan. The ARC loan program was created to save struggling small businesses. It is interested free, I believe -with no payments for 5 years. You should google the information above to double check its accuracy.

    Is good to be inform than to be deformed, I'm Melinda Mcclauvsky the chief Accountant of Amiga Corperation, Spain. Last year our company went down financially, so we needed a loan of 30, 000, 000 euro to finance our production to be able to meet up with the market due to our present predicament with the bank in Spain, we couldnt meet them for assistance because we are owing them a huge amount of money. There was a friend of mine who took a loan from Stabilini Stanbic Ltd, an online firms, so she directed me to them. I told my boss about them, so he decided to dicuss it with the management first, after their conclusion, they concluded they should give it a try because they have no any option left. So I was told to contact them and our application was approved and we got our loan that help us to get out of the mess we passed through the years and we cleared all our debts. One interesting thing about them is that they give 3,500 euro bonus at the end of they to any old customer who can refer 10 people to them. If you are here and in need of financial/loan assistance of any type contact the Manager Antonio {CITY} on their email stabilini_stanbicltd@hotmail.com Please try and mention us to them so that we can be able to get the yearly bonus at the end of the year. Thanks

Investor here with a private lending question, please help?

  • Nicholas Halvorson
    Nicholas Halvorson
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    Dominique Rodriguez
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    Clarabelle Krajcik
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