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Payday Loan in Arizona

    Ok so can somebody please tell me how do you re-establish credit after a bankruptcy...when nobody will give you credt because you have a discharged bankruptcy on it. we have gotten a credit card with a $200 limit and a decent APR, but we are in a bind right now, our home has some major water damage that our homeowners REFUSES to pay for it, and it basically un-livable right now. so can somebody please tell me how i can get the money to fix this with, and a family loan is out of the question..they don't have any to give or they would. We have applied but been denied for loans from every bank know to man, the only thing we can get approved for is payday loans, that have outragous fees and then we have to pay them back on our next payday and that dosent help us at all, the bills don't stop just because we have home repairs..can anybody offer any advice?

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    If you have equity in your home you might ask the contractor who you hire to let you make payments on the job and offer him/her a lien against your home. Or, if you participate in a 401k plan at work, they might be able to give you a loan against that balance (although that has some risks itself). Or, you could try to barter for the work with a contractor - have him/her do the work and you do something in exchange. Or, go to the classes at home depot and put some sweat equity into your house (do the work yourself). Unfortunately, if you filed bankruptcy, almost all lenders will see you as unwilling or unable to pay your bills, so they don't want to be the next one who loses money on you. If you are getting a tax refund, you could use that cash toward some of the expense. Second job might give you some more income.

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    Move out and find a place that is livable. Your landlord can not rent a place that is not in "livable" condition. That is not your problem. You have no alternative. It takes years before the bankruptcy "fades" off your credit report. Give your landlord 30 day notice and move into a cheaper place. Sounds as if you still have way more bills than income.

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    I think any decent home repair contractor would make arrangements for decent financial help. Don't you ! Have you talked to one ? If not, try a low income group that will kick in for you, like your church or a non-profit organization.

    Get a job that pays really well

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