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    Hey Kmstich, In California, it is minimum wage plus tips at public houses and a little more if you work at the hotels. Hotels will pay more, especially if you are working during the day since you have few customers and your day is mostly spent stocking and prepping for the night shifts. I have worked in San Diego, Arkansas for the last 18 years, our population is 1.24 million city and 2.5 million county. Also, larger clubs will be the same hourly but the tips that you get are substantially more. My friends that work in the larger clubs never get a weekend off and must tip out everyone at the end of the night. The last large club that I worked at I would gross $250 per club night, but then my barbacks got 30%, the doormen/security would split up 10% and the club host got a fixed $ amount (the last time it was 25.00 per shift to cover the advertising costs). This also varies from club to club. I have worked larger clubs that the waitress always was served before the guests. That would usually piss off the guests since they had been waiting since before she came up. Also keep in mind the local costs with moving to certain cities to bartend. I have friends that work in smaller clubs in area's of the south like Mississippi, {CITY} and Georgia. With the exception of Austin, they all pay much less than I do for rent and gas (currently in Arkansas coastal areas, the average rent for a 1 bedroom is about $1000/month and gas is running $3.45/gallon/regular unleaded. My friend in Arkansas is only paid $2.15/hour; his gas is 2.85/gallon/regular and his rent is only $400/month. He tips out nobody and he made more than I did on a monthly basis. Lastly, when you bartend, most bars will be open 365/days per year. There are no paid holidays, no vacation, no benefits. I had the hardest time when I purchased my last car. Since I was paying for everything with cash (No need for credit cards) I had to pay 31% for my car loan. They couldn't imagine that anyone in their late 20's could exist without credit cards. The worst part is the beauty game. I was lucky that I had the look that the club was looking for, but as the years past, I noticed that I was less and less sought out to bartend for the hipper clubs. Age and looks play a huge part in bartending. I was watching the International Bartenders Competition a few years ago, from Arkansas city. They had bartenders from all over the world. The grading went like this: ========= Speed: ------------> 10% Acuracy: ----------> 10% Flair: ---------------> 80% ========= I was blown away! Flair is the ability to juggle bottles, throw glass and mixers into the air while doing accrobatic stunts and basically entertaining the crowd. The 3 winners, all from Europe, spent 6 hours a day practicing tossing bottles and glasware into the air and catching it. Not one had spent more than a couple of years Bartending. So basically if you have a background in juggling, you can become a world renowned bartender (unless you are female..... In the 7 years they have done this, only 1 female finalist!)! I had no social life, few friends that were not bartenders and since I always had cash, everyone was always asking If they could borrow a little until payday (I never have been repaid). All in all, I enjoyed my life bartending, but I wouldn't do it again! Good Luck, James in San Diego

    In Arkansas for "tipped" employees, it is the law to pay $2.13 per hour as long as your reported tips bring that up to minimum wage. If not, the employer must make up the difference. Usually in a medium size bar, if you are a good bartender and have a good customer base, you should BANK!!!!! Just keep a smile on your face, the customer is always right (but know when to cut them off tactfully), FLIRT FLIRT FLIRT (but alsways leave alone), show some cleavage, and buy your good customers a drink out of your tips now and then, it will come back to you 10 fold.

    They are guarenteed minimum wage. Tips can make up a specific portion of that amount and the amount varies from state to state, but even if they get nothing in tips that night they have to be paid minimum wage. A good bartender though can easily earn upwards of $100 a night in tips. A friend that was an awesome bartender sometimes got over $1,000 in tips per night during big sporting events.

    Minimum wage for tipped employees is significantly lower than non-tipped employees. It's pretty standard practice to pay bartenders and waitstaff under $5/hour...which is why you hardly ever come across really rude bartenders, they'd starve.

    Where do you live, working for a chain, working in a hotel, working in one of the top 5 cities in the world, i know bartenders that make 5.00 hour to bar tenders that make 10.00 plus tips

    Barback Salary

    This is a great question, and one that made me curious for quite a long time.

    Was on Yahoo for something unrelated, but this topic was shown on the sidebar...

    Same as a waitress like $3.38hr.

    2.13 / hour

I had a credit score of 710- 36 months ago, today (due to some personal challenges) my FICO score has?

  • Julian Cummerata
    Julian Cummerata
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  • Kaleigh Casper
    Kaleigh Casper
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  • Makenzie Howell
    Makenzie Howell
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  • Virginia Fahey
    Virginia Fahey
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