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Payday Loan in Arkansas

    I live in Arkansas & In April of this year $$$ was tight. My now ex husband & I were struggling with our jobs being that I was the one with the steady income we relied on my check for bills. His commission check from being a finance director for a car dealership fluctuated every month so like i said i was the steady income. Well in April we were short on rent & he suggested we take out an online payday loan. Being that I had never done this I gave it a shot. We were approved for 300 with a processing fee of 50 so we received 250. Now we were having issues with one of our bank accounts & we ended up closing it (which is where the $$ was direct deposited into) when it came time to collect the company was informed that our account had been closed. It wasn't until recently in June did I receive a phone call from a "California Process Server" saying they wanted to meet up so they can serve me papers for my court appearance. They said I had a felony charge against me & I was do in court for 1000! I was floored & naturally scared. When I asked for info this very rude Black woman hung up on me. I get a call back a few weeks later & was told if I didn't meet up with her I was going to be issued a bench warrant! Again terrified I demanded she gave me the # & I spoke to a rep. I was able to make payments. Recently however I have not I'm due for a payment tomorrow when I called & told them I would be unable to pay I was hit with the "well now it's considered a double felony charge & we will sign off on your legal paperwork. Our attorneys are extremely stern & they dont do payment arrangements" so my question is even though I have been paying is it considered a felony I owe only 280 at this point but still I'm very scared because unfortunately I can't pay it off tomorrow.

    No that would be a civil not criminal issue.

    Most payday loan companies will automatically debit your account, at a specific time. Its most likely in your contract. If the money isnt in your account at that time, its the same as a bounced check. And a bounced check is a felony.

    You'll be able to instanly acquire an advance payday loan as much as $1000 by using this site: I got my payday loan although I had extremely poor credit standing.

    But you should still pay your debts on time. Regardless of your reasons, the people who lent you their money, want it back.

Does taking Subsidized loans reduce your total eligibility and future Subsidized for Bachelor's degree?

  • Donnell Beahan
    Donnell Beahan
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    Adan Heidenreich
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