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    I'm guessing that the outer dial rotates to show the date (day of the month).

    The Building and Loan is a lending insitutition that offers people the possibility of "owning" their own homes without having to save the full amount of the cost of the hosue. Credit as we know it did not exist at that time. If someone wanted to buy a house, they needed the full purchase price. The Building and Loan lent them the money so they could have a decent place to live before their kids were gone and they were so worn out with living that it didn't matter anymore. Potter was a landlord who had crappy overpriced rental places, and he wasn;t happy that the Bailey's offered something more for people to hope for. {CITY} this helps.... PS It *is* a great movie, for oh so many reasons....

    Perhaps there was no second hand on that clock, but it was the hand showing the day of the month. The movie makers just made it be a second hand for the scene.

    Kudos on your powers of observation, but I'd guess it was a mistake and didn't have any hidden meaning. Like I said though, only guessing. I must bow to Davster; it has to be the answer.Congrats for best answer!

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