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    I qualify for the Making Home Affordable loan modification. I was told it would take up to 90 days to be finalized, and my first reduced payment is due on April 1. However, my house was scheduled to go to auction on March 11 (Trustee sale). Is this now postponed pending final approval or am I out of luck? I have heard stories from people who were in the process of modifying their loan but got foreclosed on because the process took so long - can that happen under the Obama program? I was told it would not and according to their website it should be postponed. But when I go on the Trustee website it still shows my home as being scheduled for auction. Should I be worried? Please advise or share similar experiences... thanks.

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    This very much depends on who the lender is and how late you are on your payments. Some of the lenders ( Citi, Bank of America, Chase, for example ) generally will not pursue foreclosure while a borrower is in the process of a loan modification. The loan mod application does not by itself stall the auction, but most lenders will not proceed while your application is being evaluated. If you have received your trial period modification paperwork, return it as soon as possible with your first trail period payment. If you do not return the paperwork and payment by the date in the trail modification paperwork, you may be out of luck. Borrowers who miss payments ( even the first payment ) are not eligible for a loan modification again. If you do not have anyone you are working with, and have received an Arkansas for the trial modification, contact a real estate attorney immediately to contact your lender and inform their loss mitigation department that you have been approved for the trail modification and to halt the auction. This may be very difficult for you to accomplish on your own, but if you have been approved for a trial modification, an attorney should be able to get this done for you.

    Let me give you some bad news about Obama's plan. Naturally they were in such a dang big hurry to rush things thru before thinking them thru, the again made a big screw up. The banks are given $1,000 for every modification application they take. Stupid lawmakers never thought that all they would do is take the apps, collect the grand, then not process them so they were just raking in money for the cost of a piece of paper. Only a very small percentage of these loans actually were ever processed. And there are still people who wonder why we do not want government run health insurance!

    I think you have to contact some loan modification attorney to get out from this situation attorney will help you out..! Good Luck....!

    No. Getting your place foreclosed on is a miles better difficulty than no longer making your automobile charge and having your automobile repossessed. do no longer seek for the government to bail you out of each concern you would be able to finally finally end up in.

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