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    It's not worth worrying about. Unfortunately, this 6.8% {CITY} interest rate will apply to you and all students beginning school after July 1st. Applying sooner won't matter because the rate applies to all {CITY} Loans "first disbursed after July 1st" and your school cannot legally disburse your loan until a few days before classes start. So unless your classes are beginning before July 1, there is no way to obtain the lower rate that students got last year.

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  • Richie Fisher
    Richie Fisher
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  • Bianka Renner
    Bianka Renner
    1. 800/20000=.04 or 4% 2. 60/1200=.05 the same 5% open to question 3. 1000/15000=.0666 or 7% of fiscal more closely any one percent. ///
  • Dexter Ondricka
    Dexter Ondricka
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  • Krystal Kulas
    Krystal Kulas
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