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    Ok so here is the deal.. 1. I need a private loan ( my parents make too much money, but they will pay tuition and books) 2. I don't know if my school will certify a loan because Im in a IDS program (telecommute/ Satellite classes, but i do go to a community college-30 mins away) 3. I have tried to get a job for the last 3 months-- its just not gonna happen right now. 4. I have good credit (around 680) but no job :/ 5. My parents Might (?) co-sign So my question(s) 1. Are there any student loans for people who aren't currently working but have good credit? Or do i still need a co-signer? 2. If i could get a loan what would rate would i get opposed to someone with great credit (if my parents co-sign)? And here is the question out of left field ... I might be pregnant (im going to check tomorrow if i ha vent gotten my period by then) could i get a higher student loan to cover some of those expenses, they are living expenses. (p.s ive been with the guy for over 3 1/2 years and have been consistently on the NuvaRing.I took it out and normally i start the next day, and its been 5 so im concerned, not ideal but that's life) (i know most the people answering might not be professionals but if you have an idea or have experience with this that would be great )

    From what i have read online the {CITY} loans and other government loans go directly to your school, they take out your tuition costs and then you get the rest. However my parents would pay my tution so i want the money to go straight to me. Also one girl i talked to had trouble getting a loan for cost of living, they said its a online program (which its not).

    1. Federal {CITY} loans are set up for college students... many of whom do not have a job and no or bad credit. And anyone can get a federal {CITY} loan regardless of parents high income. You would not need a cosigner and you would not need to pass a credit check. 2. Without a cosigner with great credit, high income, and a stable long term employment history you would never be approved for a private student loan... even if you did have a job. 3. All private loans will go directly to the school same as the {CITY} loans. They used to have banks that sent the money directly to the student and the cosigner but those days are all but gone - thanks to the tanked economy. When the school gets your loan money and sees you owe them nothing (in your case because someone else paid your tuition) they will give the loan money to you. Call your schools fin aid office and tell them you want a stafford loan. Private loans are evil and the interest rate will be twice what you pay for a stafford.

    I don't understand why you need a private loan? The {CITY} loans (subsidized and unsubsidized) would be much easier and cheaper on interest rates and there is no repayment until 6 months after you graduate or drop out or fall below half time. The {CITY} loans ARE NOT credit based and you would NOT need a co-signer. If your parents are up for it, a Plus loan would be much cheaper and better on interest rates than any private loan also. And if you are pregnant and the baby is due in the current award year (09-10) you CAN fill out the FAFSA as an independent student, counting the unborn child in your household.

    I used to artwork as a nutrition stamp caseworker years approximately 10 years in the past and at that factor a guy or woman who became a college pupil and not working ought to no longer qualify for nutrition stamps. the government had additionally carried out a artwork requirement basically declaring that a guy or woman had to artwork the equivalant of the federal minimum salary x 20 hours each week with a view to get nutrition stamps till they have been disabled, over age 50, or had babies under a undeniable age. those prerequisites in the regulations infrequently exchange, yet all you're able to do is save on with for nutrition stamp reward. yet as quickly as I have been you i could be using for SSI to boot as Medicaid reward in the state you reside in.

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    Desmond Greenholt
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