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    Hi i have a car loan which has a balance of $1600 my monthly balance is $150 a month but the loan goes up by $1.24 a day in intrest. I am in a position where i can pay $1250 right now i think thats equvilent to 8 months or so. If i pay this amount now will the loan intrest make my balance go up by $1.24 a day, or will it not at all, or will the intrest be higher. I think the APR is about 33%.

    This sounds like a compound interest loan, where the dollar amount charged in interest is based on how much you owe at the time. There are some car loans where the lender determines the dollar amount you owe in total up front, so making extra payments will pay the loan off early but it doesn't save you any interest charges. Find out which one you have, but I agree with the first answer, it's probably a good idea to get rid of this loan asap either way. Compound interest loans calculate interest daily by taking that annual 33%, splitting it up by day and multiplying that by what you owe at the time. Making an extra principal only payment, especially that big, will lower what you owe and lower the dollar amount of interest charged going forward. There will still be interest charged every day/month. Before you make this payment check 2 things: 1)is there a prepayment penalty (not common on car loans) and 2) how do you make this extra payment "principal only". The only way this extra payment is going to lower the interest charged in the future is for it to go toward lowering the principal on the loan. Some lenders make it easy and others don't.

    Your per month curiosity (or broaden in mortgage quantity) will move down dramatically if you are making the further fee of $1250. It is a well suggestion. 33% is an outrageous quantity of curiosity to pay, primarily at present whilst banks are paying close 0 to one another and most sensible the Fed. You will best have approximately 3 months left to pay. Do it and do not borrow once more at this fee. Good good fortune to you.

    Am Brown from California USA and i want to say a very big thanks to Helen {CITY} for helping me get a loan and i will be forever grateful to her and i will like you all who is looking for loan to contact her via email: helenkent71@gmail.com

    33%!! ouch. depends on whether they allow you to recalculate your apr if you pay out a large chunk of it or not. Either way i'd get rid of that loan ASAP or it'll bleed you dry.

    Payoff the loan ! The interest stops when you do.

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