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    It doesnt matter if you have had an account with a bank for 5 days or 5 years. They are willing to give a loan to any customer provided that they can pass the banks requirements to get one. If you want a loan, you can call your banks 800 number or go to your local branch to apply for a loan.

    It doesn't really make a difference about how new of a customer you are with that bank. They will be looking at your ability to repay the loan to them. They will pull your credit report to see if you have any other debts, and they will look at how much you make per year to see if you can afford to pay them the money back. {CITY} that this clears it up a little for you. Good luck. Also, remember that you won't just have the car payment, but you will also have to pay for gas, maintaining the vehicle, you will have to have full coverage insurance becuase the car is financed, and you will have taxes, tags, and registration fees that will all be due.

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