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    It won't make a difference. When agencies report to credit bureaus, they only report that the account is either paid as agreed, 30 days past due, 60 days past due, 90 days past due, or if the account was closed/ charged off etc. I would check with your lender before making additional payments, though, because sometimes there are penalties related to paying the loan off early, and in most cases, you will still pay the interest for three years no matter how fast you pay it off. If you are in a stable situation with which you would rather make higher payments and pay it off sooner, ask your lender to rewrite your loan.

    It won't make a difference. Reason: You have to have a long credit history. When you apply for credit again in the future, lenders want to see credit history for at least 2 years. Paying it off in a year is not enough time and doesn't show lenders how you pay your loan. It takes at least 60 days for the creditor to show up on your credit report.

    Let me see if I can help; First of all if you are able to afford such a thing that is great and yes it will help 1 aspect of your credit but on the other hand it will disadvantage you due to a track record. Creditors look for consistency not necessarily payoffs. My advice to you would be look for the item(credit card,charge account or department store account) that is costing you the most in interest and pay that off first and work your way down.(most expensive interest wise to the least expensive) This will translate into cash flow savings. Put the money you save in a CD or Money market account(these are safe investments) or use it to pay something else off. {CITY} I helped

    From my experience I didn't help me. What they Credit Bureau wants to see is that you pay as the written agreement states. Also remember to read the application and paper. I know this sounds stupid however; some have early payoff penalty fees. I know I know. But it happened to me with 2 cars. If you have already done it then you are ok. However, I wouldn’t do it anymore.

    A 12 month activity is fine. It will increase your credit score. I have no idea where these other posters get their information.

    It will not make a difference. However, it will save you two years of interest payments.

Can I get a $20,000 auto loan at 20 yrs old?

  • Cali Sawayn
    Cali Sawayn
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  • Bernice Hoeger
    Bernice Hoeger
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  • Richmond Breitenberg
    Richmond Breitenberg
  • Claud Farrell
    Claud Farrell
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  • Kiley Hills
    Kiley Hills
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  • Esperanza Johnson
    Esperanza Johnson
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  • Juvenal O'Conner
    Juvenal O'Conner
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  • Devin Bogan
    Devin Bogan
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  • Frida Jerde
    Frida Jerde
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  • Moriah Upton
    Moriah Upton
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