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    Hi, I only received a Pell Grant for the {CITY} 2010 for $1,500 at WSSU. I'm not sure why....I'm guessing it's because it was processed so late in the year (Nov. 5). Any ideas on that? The tuition and fees are estimated to be around $2,000 for 12 credit hours. If I include books I should expect at least $2,500+ for {CITY} semester. I was offered a {CITY} loan for $3,500 and an unsubsidized {CITY} loan for $2,000. I've read up on the details of the subsidized {CITY} loan and I'm pretty sure the $3,500 is what I'm going to do. I only have a few days left to accept the loan. I'm nervous to accept it...what do you guys think I should do?

    Oh yeah...My EFC was around 2,300. While my brother's was nearly double that and still he received almost $1,000 more than me applying at a community college. He applied earlier in August though for the Fall semester and {CITY} semester. Will accepting this loan effect my EFC or any grants than I may receive? I'm REALLY hoping that I will receive more grants like California Education Lottery (my brother got this one and I didn't) and UNC Need-based grant which I am both eligible for for the 2010-2011 year.

    You probably only received the 1,500 due to your EFC. The Subsidized loan is definitely more beneficial to you as the government pays the interest while you are in school. Remember you can always accept the loans now and if you do not need the funds send the excess back to your lender. Also if you are having trouble deciding go in and speak to a financial aid counselor at your institution that is why they are there.

    I think you need to talk with a counselor at the Financial Aid Office of the college you will be attending in the Spring. You need to ask why you were offered the aid that you were offered. Do they have a wait list for any additional need based grants or scholarships? Ask about the loans that you were offered. Have them go over your estimated expenses for the spring and talk through the loan process with you. Meanwhile you can look for outside scholarships: Outside Scholarships * General Scholarship Search: o www.aauw.org o www.bibl.u-szeged.hu/oseas/europe.html o www.cashe.com o www.collegeboard.com/highered o www.CollegeIsPossible.org o www.collegenet.com o www.collegeview.com o www.ecollegebid.com o www.edupass.org o www.embark.com o www.fastweb.com o www.feea.org o www.finaid.org o www.gmsp.org o www.gocollege.com o www.hispanicfund.org o www.IEFA.org o www.iefc.com o www.iie.org/fulbright o www.jackkentcookefoundation.org o www.macfdn.org o www.mapping-your-future.org o www.nafsa.org o www.nextstudent.com o www.petersons.com o www.scholarshiphunter.com o www.thesalliemaefund.org o www.usjournal.com o www.yahoo.com/Education/Financial_Aid o www.ymf.org/programs/scholarship.php

    Take the subsidized. You should only worry about unsubsidized if you plan on borrowing over the federal limit for subsidized loans. If you end up with a little left over after the Pell grant and the loan, apply the balance to the loan while you're in school to reduce the principle.

    The completed volume covers the upcomming fall and spring semester. i might think of 500 might cover costs which includes books except you reside on your individual and picture that extra money might want for use for emergencies.

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    Porter Heidenreich
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