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    I am trying to follow a dream and move to California by the end of August. I've already put a lot of thought into it, so at this point, I'm just trying to work out the logistics... Ideally, I'd like to pack my car with everything that'll fit, drive across the country and sell it once I get there (since I know I won't need a car with all the public transportation). I've figured I'm going to need probably around $8-10,000 to get started with life there, and a few things, and my car is valued at much more than that. I only have about three months credit history, though it's always been excellent / on time... I know nothing about loans however, so I need some advice on getting a loan to get up there, then selling my car and paying it back that way. What are my options? Is this even possible? How would I go about this? Thanks in advance! =)

    Do you know someone who will let you crash with them? If not, your plan will not work. Before a building will rent you an apartment, they will want proof that you have a job. They will also want two months of rent in advance. The smallest, out-of-the-way studio apartments, rent for at least $1,500 a month. And again, you will need proof of employment. Also, as others have said, it is highly unlikely you can get a loan for that amount of money. If you want to visit for a few days to explore housing and job options, that's reasonable. Maybe you can find folks to share an apartment with while you are visiting.

    Impossible for a young person with a 3 month credit history to get a $10,000 personal loan. The only loan you may qualify for is a payday loan for $300 at a short term of 2 weeks. - Understand this about NYC: It's not really a middle class city anymore. {CITY} is like London....it's a place where the world's/nation's rich have set up residence to enjoy the good life. If you move there you'll be a servant to these people; you'll be sharing an apt. with 4 total strangers and basically every penny you earn will go to housing, food and transport expenses. Consider other locations: Austin, Louisville, {CITY} are fairly hip places that are not too expensive. - luludoodie is correct. Lots of people in NYC will view you as a sap who deserves to have your bank account drained. By the time they spit you out you'll have no car and no money in the bank.

    You're very wrong if you thing $10K is enough to get started there. By the time you pay deposits and furnish an apartment most of your money will be gone. As a minimum you should have 6 months salary in the bank after you're there and set up.

    No. Banks don't give personal loans any more. Especially on a young person with limited credit history. Usually only on long time customers with excellent credit - will they do a short term note. And while it's good that you make payments on time - it's amusing that you say you have a 3 month credit history and "always" make payments on time. 3 months isn't "always". Isn't even a good history. 10 years of "always" on time is a good history.

    No chance. If you could pay it back within 30 days, why would you even need it in the first place? You'd be better off selling the car now.

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  • Tianna Hessel
    Tianna Hessel
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    Mathilde Wyman
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