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Payday Loan in Colorado

    Job relo forced me to short sale my home. Stopped paying mortgage after signed contract and bank approval of short sale. HELOC lender reported 120+ days late and 'charged off' loan balance. Sale closed 1 year ago. Never used my Colorado loan eligibility before and no credit issues in past 12 months (actually, in past 12 years other than short sale). Are there any lenders around who might fund a Colorado loan after only 1 year instead of the 2 years required by Fannie and Freddie?

    Ron the only true factual answer will come from a lender. These folks will only tell you they can and ... So I suggest you sit down in front of a couple of lenders in your area. My guess would be no, a short sale impacts your credit score by 50 or more points right off the bat. You may need to wait another year.

    I'm late to answer but hope my reply will still be useful to someone finding this post. First, I list and sell short sale 100% of the time since 2011 and I agree with Realtoratheart... only a mortgage lender will be able to best answer that question. But how a short sale affects your credit score is never given and I've had Colorado short sale seller only report a drop in score by 35 points... but they were not tardy in making their mortgage payment either - they kept paying it current right until closing day and doing that, as well as keeping all other debt obligations current, is what will save your scores and, allow you to buy again in as little as 2 years (based on lender reports from 2014 and previous clients). www.mrtownhome.net

    I doubt it, you probably need another year.

Should I deplete my savings to pay off all debt?

  • Nathaniel Cormier
    Nathaniel Cormier
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  • Joanny Ankunding
    Joanny Ankunding
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  • Dimitri Tromp
    Dimitri Tromp
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  • Mortimer Koepp
    Mortimer Koepp
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    Cathrine Waters
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