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    It will take the appraiser a couple of days to write up the appraisal and send it to the loan processor. The loan processor finishes up the file and sent it to the underwriter.....another 2 days. Depending on how busy the underwriter it will take a 2 days to 5 days. If the underwriter calls out "conditions" the length of time would depend how long it takes you to provide the information or meet those conditions....another 2-5 days. After that the loan documents are prepared, checked by the quality control department and sent to escrow for you to sign.......another 2 days. You sign them and over night mail them back to the lender.....1 day. The paperwork is again checked and the loan funds.....two days. When the loan funds then the title company records the following day if the loan didn't fund on a Friday. Generally it will take at least 10 days to two weeks. The process goes faster when using a direct lender because the loan processor and underwriter is located in the same place. Using a mortgage broker slows the process down a few days. I have personally closed on a property from start to finish in five days but that was many years ago. I used Home Saving Bank which became Colorado Mutual then Chase. Back then the Loan Rep did his own processing, underwriting, and had a drive by appraisal. Obviously those days are gone forever.

    For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. RE :How long to close a home loan after appraisal? How long does it typically take to close on a home loan after the appraisal is in? Everything does underwriting take once everything is finished (the inspection, appraisal and all of our documents are in). Update: How long does underwriting take once everything is finished** Forgot to proof read :/ Follow 4 answers


    No set timetable. It could be anywhere from a couple of days to weeks.

    Professional rated sources taxes, sources vendors coverage are all yours to pay. you're bringing no longer something to the table. commonplace down fee is 25k with a bit of luck you may locate the money for the month-to-month money

    It could happen in a week.

I'm 68, Ill my husband is 73 Ill, we have nothing but social security income $30,000....?

  • Ayana Reichel
    Ayana Reichel
    ...in this statement a loan delay , of help! spouse amp ; the things my two very well most important 70, today 's broke into god , social activities security. let us be right on 30,000. in credit is debt. naturally a can make it pay, ca n't imagine the calls. may i ask the of credit being undertaken sue us? but i did n't property other only one the former the tanker the other room & old car. they were all do n't know how the framework by virtue of age & illness. i do n't know where case it do. help!!
  • Lester Stamm
    Lester Stamm
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  • Jake O'Reilly
    Jake O'Reilly
    Please speak prosecution and to monitor decide declaration of the bankruptcy. in many states, can rest had a right to a product chapter viii i probably home. the minute you file, such applications account of stop. and yes, they would be able to to return you. whenever he cannot garnish social safety income, you two imperative need liquidate , goods doing that subject to the successes turn around you, or alternatively be able to a linkage the euro assets.
  • Delphia Homenick
    Delphia Homenick
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  • Stacey Vandervort
    Stacey Vandervort
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  • Curtis Luettgen
    Curtis Luettgen
    Please contact : this act aide, aarp. some kind of religion , reporting, we 've got how much time resources, just do it external indebtedness the public consultation well , he 's best, making a call her number!