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    If Republicans could only use their energies & strategies that they do to try & steal from us, be corrupt, lie, spin EVERYTHING around .......... TO DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY & US............ something could have been done by now, INSTEAD OF THIS BULLSHIT THEY HAVE US IN. Playing games of one upmanship.

    The answer in terms of names or groups is widespread. The Finance industry (and really all corporations at that level) have pushed very hard to get laws and rules changed to benefit them. Laws that act as safeguards against massive devaluations. This behavior is not limited to the current administration (although a lot of their changes did get run through). The behavior is constant, ongoing. So what would drive these changes? Greed. Pure and simple. The big banks and finance institutions were already pretty fat with cash due to massive tax breaks. They make more money when they lend it out (especially to other banks), but the problem was, that market was saturated. Not too many people to lend to anymore. So they get together with congress to write a banking bill that makes bankruptcy much, much harder, they lower the bar on the requirements for a home loan, and let the masses flood in. Suddenly we have a "lot" of subprime" debt. Not to mention that the very act of buying houses raises the value in the market-further fattening the pigs. All very much planned. The thing is, this "credit" wasn't real. No real assets backed it up. It was a stack of credit upon credit-a massive house of cards. The guys at the top got even richer. Then a few loans go bad, and suddenly banks are kicking people out of houses, and the banks end up with a lot of overvalued properties. These assets don't create wealth. the mortgage on them creates wealth. The liquidity in the market reaches critical mass, and there is no one left to buy these batches of bad loans. The 2 big horns of greed that are skewering us are this: 1st, compound interest. This is the house of cards. The a$$holes at the top ride that baby all the way to fortunes bigger than Croesus. This is funny money, "issued" by the federal reserve. It comes from this stack of banks and middle-men that each add their little percentage. This is literally how the banks made money. The second is publicly traded companies. Sounds nuts? Well, the companies themselves are not the problem, but their management is. The CEO's are charged with one thing, and one thing only: Profit for the shareholders. Increase the value of the company, make money for the shareholders. All other considerations are secondary at best. Selling a product? quality, materials, training, etc...all will be replaced by cheaper alternatives in the name of profit. CEO's cannot see beyond the next quarter. They are keeping their jobs 3 months at a time. Stock price dropping? shore it up. How? cut jobs. Why spend money on employees benefits, paychecks, pensions, etc...That's profit tied up in what amounts to a "liability" for most companies. No publicly traded company will go out of its way to keep employees employed. Even though that single ideal would mean long-term success, stability and economic prosperity for all. Employees are not people. They are dead wood to be set ablaze when needed to fill the corporate hot air balloon. Massive layoffs? Outsourcing? Crappy products? Greed, greed and greed. Capitalism is awesome. But the greed got to far entrenched, and the snakes at the top have bit us all. Their activities were not just helped by the government, but encouraged. Awesome.

    First of all, the unemployment percentage is still at 10.5%. However, to answer your original question, our country is in serious trouble. I don't know why anyone thought that under the Obama administration we wouldn't see taxes increase. Every president in our modern history has increased taxes simply because that is something that comes with the territory. I do support President Obama, but we as a country are in a lose-lose situation. Even if we get this health care bill passed in the Senate it isn't as if we will gain much with the exception of a better health care system. The problem with our situation is that we owe enough money as it stands. We cannot afford to spend more. Spending is not the way to alleviate our problems. However, this goes two fold. If we leave the health care system the same Americans still lose. If we change it then we still lose because it means higher costs. The way I see it, there is no easy way out of this. I am not for bigger government, and I am against increased taxation. But what can you do? Our debts will increase and I believe whether Obama were president or not these issues would still be here. It didn't matter who was in office, the problem is that these issues are a result of past failures. I believe our country will collapse and eventually convert our currency to a one world currency.

    The Republicans, since they promised 100 votes for the bill but only came up with about 60. The democrats promised 100, and they came up with 140. The idea that they were mad at Pelosi because of a speech she gave and therefore voted against the bill makes them look ridiculous.

    The Bush/McCain policy's we have lived under for the last 7+ years. John McCain has boasted he is the deregulator for so long now he wants to flip flop on the issue and call for government regulation. That's the problem with McCain you never know weather George W McCain will show up or Ted McKennedy. John McCain the man who can't stick by his decisions. VOTE OBAMA

    I think some blame falls with a lot of different people. I agree that many Republicans are posturing and trying to make this about poltics, some Dems are too. McCain said we shouldn't start the blame game, then he blames Obama, nice huh?

    Is that why the dow is back up? It always about politics to all of them. If you think they give a rats a## about you or anyone but themselves, you are kidding youself. I'm always up for pinning any blame on Pelosi, tho.

    Money hungry politicians, companies and some very stupid people-period. If people were not so darned greedy, we would not be going through this!

    The average person buying more house then they can afford pity the fool who believed this house of cards would last forever they were not listening to the market..the free market sets the real value of homes..85% of the American homes are way over \ priced..the Depression of 1929 was people buying worthless stocks and bonds for inflated prices on MARGIN (credit) and when the Margins were called (bought on 10% down) then the whole house of cards just collapsed..Now we are bailing out these cheap jacks

    I think that {CITY} St is responsible. They are like greed run amuck and now they are looking at us to cover the check.

    The congresmen who voted against this bill, who sold the market short before they did so, and bought it back today, making a fortune, while we suffer.

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    Schuyler Orn
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