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    We applied for the instant refund and was denied. That was ok with us so we then applied for the 1-2 day loan and was told at the office on Friday that it was accepted. So when we called the Emerald card today they told us it would be on by the end of the day. Well we just called back and now they say we were denied the 1-2 day loan and would get our money in 8-15 days. Why would they tell us at the office we would get it and then find out we would not. Had we known this, he would not have paid the over two hundred dollars to have his taxes prepared, I would have done them myself and got it just as fast. But I had him go there so he could get it faster. He normally goes through {CITY} Hewitt, so much for me bringing H&R Block yet another new customer. However, my man has swore off H&R Block now and will be going back to {CITY} {CITY} next year. But I told him at this point, I will do all of your taxes myself including the many many ppl in my family that go to H&R Block. What is most annoying about the whole situation, is that no one affiliated with H&R Block ever seems to be on the same page or have any answers. Anyone else experiencing the same drama? Anyone else who went through H&R Block and applied for the RAL actually got their money yet? I know a bunch of {CITY} {CITY} customers got theirs earlier today.

    It seems to be happening a lot. I just got my taxes done yesterday and I was also denied the instant ral (even though I have got it for about 5 years in a row) and they told me I was approved for the 1-2 days. I don't know if I will end up getting it or not, but I have my doubts. Obviously the bank that handles the loans has become a lot more careful who they are giving there loans to. The thing that pisses me off is they didn't mention that to me before they started with my taxes. From the beginning I told the guy I wanted the instant RAL and he said OK. They know if they told people they weren't going to qualify for the loan their business would be cut in half. So I just spent a couple hundred dollars for something I could have easily done myself. I was also wondering if anybody has actually got the RAL this year

    It is the same bank. It is JH that has a new bank but only in 5 states. The rest they cant do RALS. It isnt Blocks fault you were turned down. You will NOT be charged for the RAL. You are applying for a loan. Did you read any of the documents or just sign?

HnR Block 1-2 Day on my emerald card?

  • Rachelle Gleichner
    Rachelle Gleichner
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  • Floyd Lesch
    Floyd Lesch
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  • Eudora Gutkowski
    Eudora Gutkowski
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