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    You can find a lender, such as a pay day lender, that would finance a loan for you with your score that low, but if your not in a tight spot where your need is urgent, that should be a last resort. You'll pay dearly in interest charges. Stay away from those lenders if at all possible. 50%-99% interest rates are not uncommon. If time is on your side, get a current credit report from all 3 credit agencies (just Experian and Equifax if your Trans {CITY} is current) Make sure your BK's are noted as discharged and not still open. Also, try to dispute any negative information on your credit reports, even your BK's. Here is the key...it doesn't matter if the negative information is accurate or not, what matters is that the credit reporting agency has to prove it. You're not obligated, by law, to prove it. If the agencies can't prove it, they have to delete the info, by law. For more info on this, google "Fair Credit Reporting Act." You will get an 86 page PDF document; scroll down to section 611. My reason for this explanation is that if you can buy some time before you get a loan, you can likely increase your FICO score so you can get a better interest rate. Lastly, the credit scores the credit reporting agencies try to sell you are their scores, and not your actual FICO score. You have get that directly from FICO (Fair Issac). Your FICO score is your true credit score. When you do find a lender that you want to use, ask them which credit agency they use to qualify you for a loan. You'll know where you stand. Good luck.


    Here you can compare different options try it is free HTTP://HELP.CREDIT-AND-FINANCE.COM RE Personal Loan-Bad Credit after BKRPTCY? I filed bankruptcy and it was discharged 1 year ago. I have the letter, my transunion score is 499 , who will finance a personal loan for me? Any suggestions....

    For Credit and finance solutions I always visit this website where you can find all the solutions. RE :Personal Loan-Bad Credit after BKRPTCY? I filed bankruptcy and it was discharged 1 year ago. I have the letter, my transunion score is 499 , who will finance a personal loan for me? Any suggestions.... Follow 6 answers

    I doubt you will get a personal loan with a 499 score and a discharged BK from a year ago. If you can find one, you can charge for that information cause plenty of other people are looking for it.

    Wells fargo the like loan offices that are separate from the bank probably will especially if you have a car or house, they do low unsecured loans as well and I bet they can find a way to do a rapid rescore on your credit to raise it or they might contact the bureau(credit agencies) and ask for stuff to be removed they will do it if you ask alot earlier than the set times. then you may have a pretty good score.


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