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    First of all, you have to accept one harsh reality - there is no way to get out of paying back your student loans. I don't know if this applies to you, but for anyone else reading this, let me begin by offering this piece of advice: After you graduate, leave school, or fall below half-time enrollment, you will have 6 to 9 months (depending on the type of loan you borrowed) to begin making monthly, scheduled payments of your loans. If you are not able to pay, EVERY LENDER offers a variety of programs that will allow you to delay payment - these programs are most commonly called "forbearance". You can request forbearance from a lender under any number of different circumstances, but most commonly, borrowers request forbearance because they are unemployed, because their income is not sufficient, or because they have elected to continue on with advanced education (graduate school) (this particular category is usually called deferment). If you request forbearance, a lender MAY agree to allow you to make smaller payments, or, in many cases, to postpone payments for some agreed-upon period of time. If you do NOT request forbearance, or, if you fail to perform the promises you made as part of a forbearance agreement, your loans will go into default. Once you have defaulted on your student loans, you are NO LONGER ELIGIBLE to request deferment or forbearance. Do NOT hide from your lender when it comes time to begin making payments - contact the lender and apply for deferment or forbearance!!! If you loans go into default, the language of the loan agreements that you signed explicitly state that your entire loan balance becomes immediately due (this is called acceleration). You no longer have the right to make payments over some long period of time - you are responsible for paying back the entire loan right now. So what happens when you go into default and your lender demands immediate payment? Continued failure to repay a loan in default will cause that loan to be placed into collection, either by the Department of Education, or by private collection agencies hired by the Department of Education. The Department of Education can: Instruct the Department of the Treasury (IRS) to withhold your federal and/or state tax refunds Require your employer to withhold 15% of your disposable income from your paycheck each pay period - and send that money to the Department of Education until your loan is repaid Notify the credit agencies, causing your credit rating to suffer Charge you additional fees associated with the cost of collecting your debt Take legal action, filing a debt claim against you in court Block any Federal agency from lending you any additional educational funds So what are your options if your student loan debt has been declared in default? 1. If your loan is in default, chances are that your loan is now held by a "guaranty agency" that is making the payments to the lender on your behalf. You can call the Federal Student Aid Information {CITY} at 1-800-4-Fed-Aid to find out what guaranty agency holds your loan. Once you have that information, you can call that guaranty agency for information about your repayment options. 2. You can take advantage of debt consolidation programs that apply specifically to debts that you owe the federal government. The major program you're interested in here is called the FFEL Consolidation program. Under the FFEL program, all of your federal obligations will be consolidated into a single loan with one monthly payment. All of your old loan agreements will be torn up, but in its place, you will sign a new promissory note, with a new interest rate and a new payment schedule. HOWEVER - to receive an FFEL consolidation loan, you MUST be in "repayment" of your defaulted loans - or, in other words, you must have made THREE, VOLUNTARY, ON-TIME consecutive, full monthly payments of your student loans before applying. These consolidation loans are borrower-friendly, and the repayment term could extend as long as 30 years. 3. You can seek loan rehabilitation. Loan rehabilitation leaves you with your original loans, but will remove the default status, and will result in any reference to default being removed from your credit history. Loan rehabilitation requires that you must make at least 9 consecutive agreed-upon payments within 20 days of their due date - and do this within a 10 month period. 4. Federal student loans will be canceled or discharged IF certain terms are met - if you die, if you become totally and permanently disabled, or if your school "falsely certified" the educational value of its programs to the federal government. Loans will also be canceled or discharged if your school closed, and you could not complete the program for which the funds were disbursed. 5. You may agree to a pre-authorized debit account, where you authorize your bank to allow the federal government to make a monthly withdrawal sufficient to cover your scheduled debt repayment. Student loans are very difficult to discharge in bankruptcy. You must be able to demonstrate that repayment of the loans creates an "undue hardship" on you and your family. The fact that a loan obligation might keep you from living in a nice home, driving a decent car, or taking an occasional vacation is not an "undue hardship". The fact of the matter is that a federal educational loan represents a serious contractual promise that you have made to the federal government. The lender promised to lend you money to enable your education (they kept that promise), the government promised to repay the lender if you didn't pay (they're keeping that promise), and you promised to pay the loan back in a timely fashion, according to the terms of your note (you're breaking that one). Like any other legal agreement, you can not break your promise without serious legal and financial consequences. There is no way out of paying back your loans - however - if you are TEMPORARILY unable to repay them, there are many ways to work with the government to give you more time - however you MUST take the initiative to begin the process. Hiding from the government - blowing off the collectors - hoping it all goes away - none of these things will help you, and they will ONLY MAKE THINGS WORSE. For more info about the options available to you at this point, I have attached a link below (this is the official federal government site) This is a scary thing, but you must get it resolved. Good luck to you!

    You need to get a consolidation loan. I signed up for a consolidation loan last year after extensive research, they helped me even where they were not supposed to: Hope you get it worked out soon! RE: i have student loans and i cant pay them they call about five times a day what can i do?

    Hello. How are you? Many students have had good results using the information provided at How-to-get-a-student-loan.com. They have information concerning every aspect of student loans. Also check out ScholarshipSupport.com for scholarships and grants. I hope this helps you. Good Luck!

    Work it out. They won't stop calling till they have their money. Get a loan, borrow from friends. Make payments.

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Is it considered a felony in Ca for an unpaid online payday loan?

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    Rebekah Bartoletti
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    Arvel Ruecker
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