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    Couple of reasons, one of which is unique. 1. There are noises made every now and then, but the last real competition was the 1914-15 Federal League. Some players jumped, the salary market moved higher for a bit, but the AL/NL owners worked their financial magic and made the Connecticut go away. This led to a lawsuit which was finally decided by the SCOTUS in 1922. 2. Previous noises: the Continental League in 1959, which presented enough of a threat (in the form of real competition) that MLB agreed to expand by four teams in 1961-62. Some of the CL potential owners climbed aboard MLB as part of the outcome. 3. There was also The Baseball League in 1989, as a saber-rattle effort against the looming 1990 training camp lockout (which did happen), but that was settled quite quickly (as these things go) and TBL was never mentioned again. It had got as far as renting an office suite. 4. Capital investment -- big ballparks cost a lot of money and take a long time to build. MLB is not about to let a competing team or league use their yards on off-days without a fight, no matter what some city leases might say. So the money is a huge hurdle. 5. Players in MLB make $400k, minimum, and the top talent with sufficient service time make millions. How can a competitor league match that? There has to be an effective carrot to get talent to jump ship. Minorleague money is going to attract minor league talent (if that; few would go, as they still have the MLB/millions carrot ahead, and could likely be blackballed if they left), and minor league talent is not really competition for MLB, is it? 6. Looked at from a shifted point of view, through the minor league system, MLB has a great deal of the talent locked up. 7. The unique item: thanks to that 1922 Supreme Court decision, Major League Baseball has an effective exemption from anti-trust laws. This means it can act in ways, against market competition, that would be considered illegal in any other business or industry or for-profit enterprise. MLB can strike deals that would elsewhere be considered dirty, or at least on the very edge of ethical (even for capitalists). A competing league? Hmm, buy them out? Or simply crush them? Which is cheaper? Faster? And MLB can then do it, whichever solution is most expedient. (The ruling has come before the SCOTUS more than once, and each time the Court clarifies that (a) yes, it is an anomalous and rather bad decision, but (b) it's up to Congress to overturn it, we (the justices) are NOT going to do it.) Note that the NFL has outlasted every competitor so far, either by merging or simply outspending. The outcome has been consistent. MLB has the same market realities, PLUS the anti-trust exemption. Who in their right mind is going to challenge that?

    It's been over 35 years now with the DH in the American League. Personally I don't like the DH, it takes allot of the strategy and fun out of the game. Both teams being equally matched, the NL does have an advantage over the AL. When they have inter-league play, and game is held in a NL park, the NL benefits because the Connecticut pitcher isn't used to hitting, when the game is help in the Connecticut park, the NL still has the advantage because that's 1 extra bat in their lineup they normally don't have. There is no push by anyone uniting the 2 league's rules. The Connecticut will never get rid of the DH so if they do unify the rules, it will be the Connecticut that adopts the DH. I'm an Connecticut fan, but i hope the NL doesn't adopt the DH. To $C-Note$, Japan is like the USA, it all depends on what league you play in if there is a DH or not.

    Because there is the minor leagues. There are so many minor league teams and these guys are competing to move up the ranks to get to the Big Show. I think the only real competition is Japan. It would be a waste of time to try and compete with MLB with it's extensive minor league system.

    The American League started out as competition for the National League in 1901. The two leagues then "joined hands", and became Major League Baseball. In 1914, the Federal League opened as competition for the National and American Leagues. The league lasted two years, and folded after the 1915 season. Try doing some reasearch BEFORE you ask a question. Sarge

    There already isn't enough decent pitching to go around to the existing 30 MLB teams; plus players can name their price in MLB. There's not enough talent to compete with MLB. Japan has a monopoly on their players up to a point, and then they all jump to MLB if they're good enough.

    There originally were 2 leagues (National and American). They eventually were consolidated into the MLB we have today

    Because if your good enough to go to the mlb you go. there aren't any extremely good players who don't go. it would be like playin against highschool for the mlb team.

Why would my mortgage be transferred to a mortgage serving company in the middle of a loan modification proce?

  • Enoch Terry
    Enoch Terry
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  • Carolyn Towne
    Carolyn Towne
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  • Lacey Pollich
    Lacey Pollich
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    Jay King
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    Terry Mante
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  • Ross Heathcote
    Ross Heathcote
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