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    Yeah, that guy said somethign about thinking for myself. I gave him a negative thumbs down. I recalled the bank today and got someone different. They'll allow me to Get 1 month on the back end of my loan. I'd rather not use this. I'm never late on my payments. I have top secrete clearance. (therefore my credit is good). I know this will have no affect on my top secrete clearance well inless i dont pay them. Just letting ya'll know im not some bum guy. :)

    Normally in the army you get payed on the 1st and the 15th of each month, or the last week day prior to the 1st or 15th of the month if it falls on a week end or a holiday. Once you enter the army, you can also get something called AER (Army emergency relief) loan. It is a loan that you can get for no interest for almost any kind of emergency (this would count). You will have to get your commander to approve the loan and go through some paper work, but the financial office, and your supervisor should know how to help you. Also check into the soldier's and sailor's relief act. Basically if you get a loan and then join the army, or get activated while you are in the reserves or guard, it can put a 6% cap on the interest of your loan. Lastly, if you have made all your payments on time, and your loan company is giving you a hard time, I would consider taking your loan to another company if they are not going to help you out. they are competing for your business and should serve you! Good luck!

    You can set up an allotment for your car payment and some of your other bills if you need to. Your bills can't stop just because you are in the military and at Basic. You need to get all the information from your loan company to get an allotment started and go ahead and pay them for a month so that the allotment can get started and you won't be late. Also i know that if you have any kind of late fees they will not approve your allotment...so make sure you are up to date on your loan

    Do a search for the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act. This offers some protection for the men and women in the military from creditors that they have prior to entering service. Basically, you will be protected during basic. Also if you have student loans, you can apply for a deferment while you are in the service. Good luck.

    Unless you specify otherwise the branch that you are going into will create an account for you at one of thier affiliated banks(for my fiancee it is Marine {CITY} Credit Union) Anyways, your paycheck will be directly deposited into that account while you are in boot camp. My suggestion would be to sent up an automatic withdrawl so the money will be taken out of that account for your car payment. Contact your recruiter to find out how to put that in place. It seems like the only option you have.

    You can go to AER and get a loan to pay for one month, you pay the loan back, but it will cover your but or you can get an advanced in your pay and you won;t get this money in your next paycheck, go to your PLT SGT and tell him you need to talk to your finace to get the advance. I am not reading the question, get the car company to debit to the payment out of your account.

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    Your paycheck will come the first month after you go to basic then you can set up an allotment to go directly to your loan.

    One of the unspoken requirements of military service is the ability to think for yourself and to plan ahead. Do you think that you have either? I don't think so! But good luck anyway as you are doing a good thing

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  • Erika Abbott
    Erika Abbott
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    Moriah Konopelski
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    Gregory Hermann
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  • Juana Jacobson
    Juana Jacobson
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  • Lawrence Cassin
    Lawrence Cassin
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    Raphael McLaughlin
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    Tabitha Ankunding
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