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    I have a 30 yr fixed loan at 5.25 and am about 3 yrs. into it. I have about 75K in debt.(paid for a remodel) in an adjustable equity line that is going up. Should I look for a fixed loan to cover just the debt or possibly refi it all under a 7/1 ARM. My idea would be to take the savings I get in the 7 years and invest it. I have plenty of equity in my home. I am just torn about giving up my good rate on my 30 yr fixed. I have about 10 years left before I retire and am not sure I'll stay in my home after that..Thx to anyone that may have an answer

    With interest rates going up, the 7/1 ARM is a bad idea - you're better off keeping your 30year fixed and checking with credit unions about getting a 5 year fixed for the 75k - Credit {CITY} One was advertising 6.25 for 60 months, locked in. You are right to not want to give up the fixed, you won't see those numbers in a long time. The idea that you can "invest" the savings is based on the belief that you can outsmart the market - do you know how many others try the same thing - and what if you lose instead of win? You don't have much time before retirement (only 10 years) to recover from a loss. Look at Merck - it dropped 7% in ONE DAY (that was today, the VIOXX court case was settled).

    Why don't you refinance take the money out and get another fixed rate. I'm a loan specialist and there are some good rates out there (6.00 - 6.25) depending on credit. If you are three years into the loan you shouldn't have any pre-pay penalties.Also you can always buy down the rate.....and Add it into your refinance.There is also fixed loans for seconds as well but why not combine the two and get a lower rate.Please feel free to email me with any other questions. I would be glad to help...

    Shaky economy Fixed is good where u have it leave it alone..ARM's are very risky and many people now cannot afford the payments of ARM's in the last few years. Do a Fixed Loan without payoff penalties. That's what I suggest.

    Check these link, then decide what you want to do, they might even get you to change your mind! see the FAQ on the first link down but really there's plenty of advice throughout if you have time to read: good luck! if it helps please remember me cheers

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  • Raul Thompson
    Raul Thompson
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    Julia Anderson
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    Lucy Glover
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