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Payday Loan in Delaware

    I live in Delaware where home prices are outrageous. I am looking to buy a new home, but will not be able to purchase based on the conforming loan limit of $417,000. Are lenders more reluctant to issue non-conforming loans these days because of the recent subprime loan fallouts? I have excellent credit (FICO near 800).

    Your score is near perfect. your credit score would overcome any issue you may have as far as being over 417k It would mean you would have to get a jumbp loan. as long as your income could qualify you it would be a no brainer! there are still decent rates on jumbo loans for people with exceptional credit scores! Here is the lender i used for my 550k homethey where great to me and even gave me a better rate than i was wanting! how many lenders out there will tell you after you say you want a certain rate come back to you and say we got you 1/2% lower rate! Have a nice day! finally a lender thats not greedy! Http://WWW.DirectLendingPlanet.com

    Lenders are reluctant to do the "stupid stuff" they did in the past Why? Because the investors that bought those mortgages wised up and will no longer buy them. With your credit, you should have no problem getting a non-conforming loan. Expect to put 10-20% down to sail through underwriting. Hope this helps. Terry S.

    Excellent credit+down payment+income to sustain=home ownership Shop around...

Do I still have to pay for a loan that will start in December if the school has closed down ?

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