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    All my loan options fell through, even though I have over $100,000 equity in my home, I have until 1/10/2007. I owe $12,410. I'm not able to get that amount of money, but I am able to make the monthly mortgage payments now. I got behind because of losing my job(career) of 10 years, due to corporate downsizing. Very devasting to me & my two sons, I could understand if it was because of something I did wrong, but I worked 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and gave my all to this company. Now I have a new job, and can make the monthly payments, but can't find a way to save my house. I have nowhere to go, I must keep my house, I worked my *** off for this house for the last 6 years, it means everything to me and my two sons. I tried talking to my lender, they want the $12,410 NOW,(BEFORE 1/10/07). Is there anything I can do? Anything to stop the auction to give me more time? Anywhere I can go for help? I'm open to ANYTHING to keep my home!!

    Yes I have friends that help people like you .They maybe able to help you refinance your loan at a lower interest.They are kind and understanding and probably not where you are but you can contact them in {CITY} Lousiana, The offices of McCormick Enterprizes or you maybe able to locate them under Mac's Oil and Gas..Im sure information and give you their number.They operate all over the US

    Call a lawyer. Be willing to file wage earner bankruptcy if necessary. I assume you are in the united states. Call a lawyer and I believe everything will be ok. A lawyer will add his fee to the settlement. I find it difficult that a court would allow this to happen. By the way, with over 100k in equity the lender would love to have the house back. That is a huge windfall for them. If you are that far behind on your payments and are unable to get a loan with 100k in equity on a house then your credit is probably already shot so bankruptcy might not be such a bad idea.

I want to start a call center business. What would I consider?

  • Colt Donnelly
    Colt Donnelly
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  • Halle Feil
    Halle Feil
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