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Payday Loan in Delaware

    I recently bought a new home (july 29) that was not finished (the construction stopped at framing) and finished construction on October 2010. Now, the buyer's lender is saying that they can not finance the loan because the property was sold within a year and therefore no funding can be processed. I only new of the 90 day flip rule... but 1 year rule? on a conventional loan with more than 50% down payment? never... HELP PLEASE!

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    I am A Real estate agent in Delaware and many laws have changed due to the fraud on the market. and the 90 day rule isn't so any more. Actually if you want to flip a home it needs to be under the 90 days because it wont show up on title that it was sold in 90 days or less. so many people buy a house fix it and 30 days later sell it. But in your case depending on the bank if it is a big increase in value they are going to question and want documentation as to why the value increased in such a short period of time. I don't see a conventional lender causing such a stink as long as you have proof, and given the fact that the buyers are putting so much down. Now FHA on the other hand there would be problems. See if you can get an acception through the underwritter. look at www.homedefaultsolutions.com

    There is no rule, all lenders have different guidelines and the Mtg company that is using this lender has this guide line. Find another Mtg company with different lenders and different guide lines. This is not a Fannie Mae rule its a lender rule. FHA/HUD is 90 days.

    If the lender won't so it, they won't do it.

Can I get a 90 day loan online or on phone?

  • Marian Abernathy
    Marian Abernathy
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  • Rigoberto Bahringer
    Rigoberto Bahringer
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    Salvador Kuhic
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