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Payday Loan in Delaware

    The only way you are going to get a monthly payment of $1,300 is if you find a fixed rate loan at 4%. Not likely at this juncture. A better solution would be to get an interest only loan at 6%. Yes, you won't be paying down the mortgage but your tax write off will be bigger and your home will still appreciate (unless you are in a part of the country where values are falling). You can accumulate more money outside of the home if you are disciplined and use a safe liquid investment. Also, your credit rating will not be affected by multiple checks if they occur over a short period of time and are for the same purpose.

    A 7/1 is about .500 lower than a 30 year fixed. A 10/1 is exactly the same as a 30 today.

    Someone mentioned to you an interest only loan at 6%. If you are going to finance 100% of the value of the home, I don't believe this rate is obtainable. A payment of $1,300 / month is obtainable, but you are going to have to be willing to be educated about loans that are not fixed, but do offer with payment options. These loans are not for everyone, but they work very well for select circumstances.

    This is an easy fix. There are great fixed rate programs available and rates are down. Here is some additional info. {CITY} this helps.

    You're about a year late to get an interest rate that low.

    In order for tha to be possible you would have to get a rate that is lower than 4% and i dont really believe you can do that.


    Lendingtree.com because you can get multiple offers on one credit check

    Lendingtree.com or countrywide.com {CITY} this helped you out.

    Do you know what your fico is ?

What can I do about this College Crisis?

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    Marques Cremin
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    Princess Weissnat
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    Kellie Jacobi
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