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Payday Loan in Delaware

    Hey so I have been working for a week or so to come up with 1k. I have really only tried my bank (wells fargo) and don't know any other avenues to get loans. my credit is not the best and I am only 21, this doesn't help my cause. I live in Delaware and my income is around 1k a month. If I don't come up with the money by tomorrow I could loose my car. anything helps!

    You went to one of the biggest banks. Big banks are not lending as much as more stable smaller banks. Try credit unions and small regional banks. Your chances will be much greater. Whatever you do - do not under any circumstances do this online. The scam is notorious and everyone is falling for it. Also, do you have anything of value? You could take it to a pawn shop for a short term loan...

    There is nothing that would warrant having to have a $1,000 loan in two days. Any such loan would just get you deeper into trouble. You'll be better off telling whomever you owe that $1,000 to that you can't pay this month. The only people who might loan you some money would be a payday advance shop and that would be at 500% per annum interest, plus there's no way they will loan you $1,000 if you only make $1,000 a month. Clearly, you are not capable of meeting the financial obligations of having a car. If you have a garage, put the car in the garage till you can get caught up with the payments, they can not repossess a car by breaking the peace so they cannot take it from inside a garage, then use public transit which is probably what you should be doing anyways. I think you'll find it very difficult to get caught up once you've fallen behind. Financing a car is the most common financial mistake that people make and doing so early in life can mean the difference between retiring a millionaire and retiring a pauper. If you want a car, you should look up the total cost of ownership on edmunds.com, and set aside the money for the loan, the maintenance, the insurance, the registration and the gas minus your public transit costs for at least a year. If you so much as cheat once on diligently putting that money aside and not touching it then you can't afford that car. If you can put that money aside for about two years then you can probably pay cash for the car and will never have to worry about a car note again ever in life! That is a huge step ahead of the game all for just a couple of years of using public transit. By financing a car this early in life you are making it much more unlikely that you will be able to retire rich.

    For Credit and finance solutions I recommend this site where you can find all the solutions. RE :I need a $1,000 loan, I only have two days? Hey so I have been working for a week or so to come up with 1k. I have really only tried my bank (wells fargo) and don't know any other avenues to get loans. my credit is not the best and I am only 21, this doesn't help my cause. I live in Delaware and my income is around 1k a month. If I don't come up with the money by tomorrow I could loose my car. anything helps! Follow 3 answers

    Signature loan from a bank, and use a co-Signer like a parent or significant other. Or you could go to one of the high interest lenders in your area, but it will cost you more than you will like. Also could try a payday advance, but beware. Interest is killer.

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    Go to a small company, like loans and title, or cash loans it might cost more but in the end you wont loose your car

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