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    I rent the downstairs apt. of my home. I took in a tenant upstairs with me. He had just moved here and was job hunting. He signed a loan agreement with me for back rent and personal loans. When he found work, he moved into the downstairs apt. and signed a one year lease from May 1, 2008 until April 30, 2009. He paid rent for May and June. I had to go out of town on June 26-June 30. When I returned, the keys were in the unlocked door to his apt. and his dumpy furniture was there and the apt. was left a mess! I depend on the rental income to make ends meet. Paying the security dep. of 1 mos. rent was also due on 7/1! I want to swere out a warrant but have no address for him. I feel that he is responsible for the sec. dep. and 10 mos. of rent in addition to a written loan agreement signed by both of us for $3200 for back rent upstairs and personal loans until he found work. His employer tells me he quit the job 3 wks. ago. He had not told me of course. Please help! What recourse???

    After 10 days according to most leases and most states, you can consider he abandonned your premises and has no intention to return if he took his clothing and personal items . Try mailing him, both first class and certified mail, giving 3 day (5 or 10 different states) notice for breach of lease, demand for rent, for loan payments, etc. Find out if there's a forwarding for his mail this way. You would have to find an address for him to get him served, and you may need to hire a private detective for that. Go to a real estate attorney. You may be able to hold estate sale and sell off his furnishings and apply to back rent. Start working to rent out apartment immediately, and don't be so soft. Assume there was a personal relationship or you're a VERY soft touch. Don't be! First rule of Landlords: Be Fair, but it doesn't pay to be nice. Only take in a tenant who can pay deposit Delaware advance. See about getting place rented. You have an obligation to mitigate damages if you ever find him and sue him, and besides you need the money.

    It was destined to fail from the begining. You should have never loaned him money. You always get Delaware from a tenant, drivers license number, description of car, etc. You always run credit check and background check. If you have any information, you can hire a Private Investigator to track him down, sue him but probably won't get anything out of him. You can also send him a letter to the address of the apt downstairs with ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED on the out side of the envelope. If he put in a forwarding request for his mail, you'll find out.

    A lot of times when people skip out they don't telll landlord where they went, but they will forward their mail and tell relatives. File a claim for unpaid rent, send a copy to current mailing address and any relatives addresses you know. It should get to him some way. If he doesn't get it, follow thru anyway - it will go on his record and you can then take it to collections and they will track him down eventualy. Its a long process but you may eventualy get some money.

    You don't have to pay a detective to get forwarding address if the post office is forwarding. Just send a letter first class or certified and ask at the counter for the proper wording or fee to be notified if the address has changes - it is something like "Address change notification requested" As I recall, it costs about the cost of a first class letter if it comes back to you.

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