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    I have 11,000 USD in debt from college. It's not much but it'll be nice if I get some help paying them off. I know the Loan Repayment Program can help pay up to 65,000 USD if you're qualified. Recently I've talked to both the Army and Navy Officer Recruiter. Only the Navy guy flat out said there won't be one for me as I'm applying for Officer and it's only for the Enlisted. I think this is SO untrue, what should I do? I want to know: is the Loan Repayment Program something you have to put in your contract to have shot at or you can apply for it after swearing in?

    I'm not sure of the details these days, but I was able to have part of my National Defense Student Loan (now called {CITY} Loan) cancelled at the rate of 12 1/2% per year of active duty up to 50% of the loan. I was a Marine Corps officer. This had nothing to do with the Marine Corps, it was a Congressional Bill that allowed this to happen. Recently, I saw on www.military.com website that the Congress has approved a bill addressing forgiveness of {CITY} Student Loan (and one other program) based on number of years of active duty (the bill was focused on the National Guard - but was already applicable to active duty). Go to www.military.com and do a search on student loan forgiveness. If that doesn't work, try couple more options. The program that you are addressing definitely applied to enlisted, but since few enlisted have student loans, hard to believe that it doesn't apply to officers. Recommend contact a Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer and ask him/her to research it for you (only saying this because you didn't get your answer from the Navy). You might also try going to www.dtic.gov (might be www.dtic.mil in case .gov doesn't work). Do a search on DoD Instructions related to Student Loan Repayment Program. There should be a DoD Instruction related to it. You can also try each of the four military services websites. Good luck. Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps - Retired

    From what i was told by army recruiters, you can get the student loan repayment with an officer contract. There are differences in the branches as to who can get what, airforce gives you something like 10,000 for student loan repayment, and army, navy up to 65,000, and marines jack **** as far as i know, point is your better off listening to info. from someone in tha branch your interested in. I was pretty far along the process for army OCS, had packet completed, and made it clear that the student loan repayment would be a deal breaker for me if it was not part of the contract, in the end i decide to join as enlisted (68K medical lab sepecialist) but that decision had to do with job selection and not weather or not i was getting my student loans repayed, you can absolutely get your student loans payed as an officer, at least from my experience, you have to give up your montgomery GI bill, Others might tell you something else my advice ask a recruiter, preferably an officer recruiter since the normal ones tend to be limited in their scope. Also dont be surprised if you get conflicting answers, i have learned the the whole joining the military process is taking bits and pieces of information from many sources, i have gotten tons of bullshit from some recruiters, and gold from others. Good luck

    Purely a recruiter can answer your questions, and bear in strategies the Reserve and shelter are distinctive businesses so could have distinctive solutions. the huge issue is that the regulations substitute and what's authentic now won't be next quarter, etc. reckoning on how undesirable they like recruits. And look heavily at and E-4's pay and your own loan money. despite if lots is forgiven, you may desire to nonetheless be handing a brilliant chew of your pay over each month.

    I'm not entirely sure how the Navy does it, but the Army will let you become a commisioned officer with two years of college providing you finish your degree within an alotted time frame. They will pay up to X amount of dollars for college tuition that you've already spent, but I think it's within a certain time frame. Its a reimbursement. And then they'll pay for further education, either a masters Delaware a law degree, but not both.

    CLRP is an ENLISTED bonus. Officers do NOT qualify. RARELY will the Brnaches pay off loans for Officers who are coming in with a Direct Comission: Doctors, Lawyers, etc. if it is not in your intial enlistment contrcat you cannot get it later. if you get it you forfeit the GI BIll.

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