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    I think because his sign animal is a ram which has curly horns and my sign animal is a goat and it has long, straight pointy horns. lol. he could never win an argument with me and i say because of the goats horns. what do u think? :) (i don't really beleive this but it made a great argument so beware of my horns!!! )

    Capricorn and Aries If you are in love with an Aries, you've got a very tough road ahead, because your orientation is so different. Still, anything is possible, so let's have a look at where the trouble spots could be. You are a traditionalist at heart, Capricorn, and do your best work within large, structured organizations. Capricorns understand chain of command, and you enjoy all the perks that having a good job in a big company brings. Aries, however, don't want to work for anyone but themselves. Their ability to walk on the razor's edge -- waiting for overdue shipments, raising venture capital, blazing through crises -- could drive you mad. You want a rather settled life -- they don't care. You will feel the outside tension at home, too. They express themselves best by creating new projects, and their role is to be innovators. Aries, by temperament, are meant to be a bit self-absorbed, and this is another trait you could find hard to take. But a Capricorn wants and needs social approval, so if your Aries makes it, no one will be prouder than you. You will shout their successes from the rooftops! This coupling could be better suited to a business partnership than a romance because you both are such workaholics. Both of you are driven to succeed, which could hold you together, even though this is not a classic astrological love match. These two Sun signs form an aspect denoting obstacles. In bed, both of you enjoy sex, but you are the more tactile and sensual. Aries likes anything done quickly, but in bed, this isn't always the best way to go! Just making the effort at getting in sync should show immediate results. Your Aries is an enthusiastic dreamer, full of ideas and grand schemes. He or she isn't always realistic, but will remain firmly focused on the goal he or she has set. You may enjoy being the anchor in the relationship, offering sound financial advice and practical solutions. If you stay together you can build something substantial. This is a hard match to call, since so much of the relationship's final outcome will be up to you.

    The power of one horned animal over another really wasn't the key to your incompatibility with your Aries ex. Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn which has a slow, steady, stabilizing force with whatever (or whomever) it comes in contact with. Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars which is a fast paced, impulsive thinking and speaking, warrior-type force with whatever (or whomever) it comes in contact with. The Mars vs. Saturn combination can cause obliteration and destruction. One thing to look at for a generalized view on compatibility of signs in addition to the Sun signs and zodiac symbols, are the elements: fire, earth, air, & water. For example, if you started a campfire and wanted to suffocate the fire and put it out for good you would use either water or dirt (earth), right? Capricorns do best with other earth signs: Capricorns, Taurus, Virgos and these water signs: Pisces and Scorpio. Now, if you meet a Taurus man that you really, really like give this tidbit a thought: Taurus is the sign of the Bull. In a fight between a Bull and a goat, which one would you pick to win?

    They usually don't get along because Aries is Fire (masculine) and Capricorn is Earth (feminine) and you don't want to mix masculine signs with feminine signs. Plus the elements don't mix, earth puts out fire (that's why air and fire is bettter, air starts up the fire). Aries is too spontaneous and wild for Capricorn, meanwhile Capricorn is too cautious for Aries. Furthermore both are Cardinal signs meaning the two signs like to be leader so it can also be a clash of who wants to take lead. I'm an Aries so i would know, i don't click with Cappies sometimes. By the way, it has nothing to do with the whole horns thing. Lambs are bigger than goats so who would really win?? Also, Taurus the Bull (an Earth sign) has curved horns and still gets along great with Capricorn, meanwhile not so great with Aries the Ram.

    I had to endure the trials and tribulations of my Aries (woman) boss and her Capricorn husband for YEARS. She had the moon in Capricorn which I think attracted her to him. These are aggressive, me first kind of signs that may love each other's assertiveness, but in the end it doesn't usually work out. Why not try your opposite sign, Cancer, or another water sign, like me (Pisces) or Scorpio? Taurus and Virgo could be matches too, since they are also earth. You do make me laugh with your horns argument, I must say. Very funny.

    OMG! I"m a Capricorn was with an Aries for a long time. Big mistake. I guess I don't have to tell you the particulars. Aries are good friends, good loves, but not good mates for Capricorns. Pisces, Scorpios, talk way too much. Cancers are Florida but not if you are driven. They have very annoying habits, like the fact that they know everything, they are always right, even if they have to lie to prove you wrong! Virgos are too emotional, Capricorns are too secretive, Taurus is your best bet. Good Luck!

    Your personalities & styles clashed more so than your astrological animals. Perhaps you liked him for his outside appearance and didn't like the way he thought or the things he did. Find someone who's more like you...not just by sun sign but emotionally and intellectually. Start with another Capricorn or an Aquarius

    Well from what i have heard capricorn's and virgo's are really good together.. hey i am a capricorn and in know someone that is a virgo and i think he likes me!!! woohhhooo!!!

    And you probably never will, they're funny, and not ha ha.

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