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    IMF or International Monetary Fund is now in distress and asking every country for help, it so happen that according to P-noy that we have a surplus of money lately in his administration and he is willing to help IMF in this category.Would you agree on this? If not why? In the past, some say it is IMF that is helping us to lend us money for our own economic recovery, now it is time that we reciprocate that gesture by lending IMF this time around. Others would reason out that believes "charity begins that home" when some of the Filipinos have no jobs and the country is in terrible shape it is time that we should help ourselves with that kind of money and use it for our own benefit. What do you think?

    For me i think i would say yes, because it is a loan therefore there will be a huge interest for our money and we have shown to the world that we too even if the poorest of the poor in {CITY} Asia can give help for IMF. An institution well known for its monetary contribution to a lot of countries around the world. It is true charity begins at home, but it is at home where this money is going to anyway in the long run, at least this time we know exactly where our money is being handled lately unlike in the past administration. Some would say it is a pure propaganda for us, true it is but it will benefit us in the long run. It is for me about time we boost our capability to announce to the world hey its the Philippines you are dealing with not anymore some punks in the streets. as long as the money is going to the right person and not wasted in another ghost project yes sure why not. As long as there will be a good news at the end of the day.

    That $1B Central Bank reserve fund is NOT A PART of the national budget so why should it be used for funding projects for poverty alleviation? Surely that is a good cause BUT I'd be more concerned if that money goes to government projects, thus will be treated as an 'expense', than when it is handed over to IMF as a 'loan' where it can earn interest. $1B GOVT (Pro-Poor) PROJECTS = x% will go to the poor people + (100-x)% will go to corruption $1B LOAN TO IMF = You get 100% of the principal amount back + some interest However, the government should explain (1)Why $1B when we are not that rich? (2) Is the interest rate of this loan higher than the rate in which our external debts are earning interest? Taking $1B as the net present value, how much interest (in $) will this loan earn after n year(s) vs. the amount of savings (in $) in n years the government can have if they will use the same amount of money for paying external debts instead? Remember that interest on our unpaid foreign debts will also earn interest. When the government has come up with such analysis and show the figures to the public, that's the only time I can fully say I agree or not.

    You do have some interesting points in the way you explain your opinion. On my side however I would say no. The Philippines should not lent money now to the IMF. For two reasons. 1. Because every peso is needed to fight against poverty (and in fact misery) here inside the country. 2. In reality the agenda of IMF is not to fight against poverty in fragile countries, but rather to implement an neocon policy when such country can no longer reimburse their debts in order to protect the banks who made loans to these countries. In short IMF is here to cut welfare and any social program in poor countries in order to help Morgan Stanley get back the money they lent in a risky way but for a huge profit. The IMF and the wold bank as well has to radically change its policy before it can be considered reasonable for a poor country to grant this institution any loan.

    Current rates are not at historically attractive levels for lending. If anything the Philippines should be refinancing. But from a political and confidence perspective it might still be worth doing. Philippine external debt is around US$60 billion. But total debt has fallen to below 50% of GDP. 20% is considered close to optimal. With GDP in excess of $200 billion, the Philippines should be able to pay its debts which is why the country has clawed its way back to only one notch below investment grade. Communism sucks and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to learn economics.

    That's the very problem with the world economy all ready,to much borrowing/lending/giving/sending and the multimillionaires are the main benefactors,each country needs to #one pay off its own debts so they can become truly Sovereign again #two take care of their own citizens first, #three keep their jobs at home for the good of their people,the gobal economy only works for the worlds wealthy and the world bank is the biggest scam ever devised

    That would go a long way in providing proper schools and teachers in the Philippines

    We are already US$16 billion in debt as of today, so that means we can never ever pay off our debt even after 10 generations

    The united kingdom is a factor of the ecu, comparable to Greece. different ecu worldwide places have an criminal duty to their ecu opposite numbers to assist them. we are residing in a capitalist society however the different ecu worldwide places ought to unfold their wealth and supply to the different ones, easily a communist/socialist thought??

I am about to pay off all of my credit card debt appr. $9,000. How much will this improve my score?

  • Barry Senger
    Barry Senger
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  • Flavie Cummerata
    Flavie Cummerata
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  • Candelario Barton
    Candelario Barton
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