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    I was told FHA loans can not be refinanced for 12 months using a new appraised price (the refi has to be on the purchase price, not the appraised price). That is true, however, I was also told that I would have to wait for 6 months after the purchase to refi with a conventional loan using the appraised value rather than sale price. Is this true.. as much info as possible would be great

    That is true if you were gettinig an FHA loan but not for a conventional one. Some lenders only require 3-6 months seasoning so you can use the new appraised value. Make sure that you get a refund from the upfront mortgage insurance that you paid for the FHA loan. You will get 100% of it back at this time. Your upfront Florida was 1.5% of your loan.

    Right here is your situation. you need to have possession for a million year to get a sparkling own loan on the appraised cost. If no longer even a sparkling own loan does you no stable as we communicate as they too will bypass off the acquisition cost and additionally you will have PMI. Wait a million year and then seem into it and likely part of the prematurely MIP may be refunded to you i'm a private loan banker in TN

Credit Score?

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    Trent Nolan
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    Magali Brekke
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    Ena McDermott
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  • Bennie Dibbert
    Bennie Dibbert
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    Nat Metz
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