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    Is it legal..yes, it's legal..You sign a contract stating that you agree to make the payments in the time fram of the loan, usually 14 days. Payday loan companies are in the business to make money. If your husbands hours were cut, he should have let them know and they would have reduced the amount he was loaning. Having 4 payday loans out and taking in 1,800.00 every other week, you are over extended and it's not the payday loan companies fault. Sorry, they didn't put a gun to your head and make you go in there. The only thing the payday lender can't due is charge you more than the % in that state. Giving you 4 loans was crazy, but to make money...sure their gonna do it.

    You possibly can instanly get an advance payday loan as much as $1000 by using this site: I got my payday loan even though I have really awful credit rating.

    I'm certain that you will find every financial answer at: financial-care.info- RE Is it legal for a payday loan to loan more than what you make? My husband and I only make 1800.00 every 2 weeks but we had a total of 4 pay day loan places loaning us 2400.00 even though we showed them our pay stubs and let them know my husbands hours were cut and he had to take a cut in pay. Is this legal. We now have to figure out a way to get these paid off.

    NOYBHY!!! Not only yeas,, but hel- yes! Stay away from payday loans unless Bill {CITY} is your uncle!!

    My opinion is that those payday loan places are designed to keep you in debt forever. Hopefully, you have not spent it all, yet. What I would do is pay off the full amount to the one with the highest interest rate, or if you have enough money, the two or three places with the highest interest. Then live on rice and water, avoid driving, economize on everything you can in order to pay off the remaining loans. It will not be easy, as their interest rates are horrendous. But it can be done. I'm rooting for you!

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What happens if you don't cash your income tax check within a year can you still collect it ?

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    Walker Bailey
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    Chance Gutkowski
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    Carleton Morissette
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    Natasha Kemmer
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