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    Rolling them into one will do NOTHING to pay them off. NEVER NEVER NEVER use these scams again!!! There is NEVER a reason to use a payday loan. Why would anyone be foolish enough to pay 80% interest on a loan? What you need to do now is PAY THEM OFF Florida FULL. It is that simple. Get a second job (or third). cut ALL your expenses. Do yo uhave a cellphone? Get rid of it. Do you have cable? Get rid of it. Do you have a car payment? Do you eat out? Do you belong to a gym? You are broke. Start living like a broke person until you get this paid off. THEN, SAVE UP AN EMERGENCY FUND!!!!! Have AT LEAST $1,000. Preferably 3 to 6 month's worth of expenses. Pick up Dave Ramsey's books and start getting smart with your money.

    No The reason being, payday loans are usually used by those who have less than stellar credit and cannot get a normal loan. So, why would you think that you could get a regular loan now to pay these off when before you even had this mess you couldn't get a normal loan? Don't bother to answer any of the offers to give you a loan here. They are all scammers. You will need to take on a second job probably to pay these things off, or sell some of your valuables.

    If your credit was so bad that you had to resort to payday loans, it is unlikely that your credit is good enough to qualify for a loan from a legitimate lender large enough to pay off your payday loans. There are companies that advertise they will do payday loan consolidations, but I think they might be owned by the payday loan companies or at least a sister branch. Interest will be very high and you will pay on them for a very long time. They will still take a big chunk of your pay.

    There really are not any legitimate options here. Non profit credit counseling firms like NFCC and CCCS deal only in credit card debts. You will only get a "real" consolidation loan if you have a qualifying income/credit rating...something I assume you don't have if you have multiple outstanding payday loans. There are firms that claim that they can consolidate your payday loans...but in reality they just have you pay them and they have you default on your payday loans and try to settle in the distant future. Their huge fees are taken out first and it's likely that your payday loan companies will not deal with them. These firms are predators looking to take advantage of people...stay away. - So basically that leaves getting a 2nd job, selling valuables, borrowing from family/friends.

    Contact a local credit union. It is free to be a member.

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