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    You may know this already but just to refresh your memory: 1. Air Force Aid will provide emergency assistance 2. Navy/Marine Corps Relief also provide emergency assistance 3. Borrow money, with simple interest and a written contract, from your friends and/or family. Keep it business-like so you can remain close during the life of the loan. Ensure you pay these folks back as soon as possible, like within a stated timeframe; that's the purpose of the written contract. 4. Get a signature loan from an on-base bank/credit union. Usually a signature loan of approximately $1,000 is not too big of a problem. 5. Try the base Senior NCO or Enlisted Councils (or whatever they're called these days) and see if they can provide a loan. 6. Stay away from Pay Day loan places unless you can absolutely, positively pay it back on the payday (loan amount + interest) they state in the contract!!

    There are pay day loans places that are predatory but there are military loans that have low interest and are not considered a "pay day loan." In March of this year MSNBC did some articles exposing predatory practices of pay loans companies targeting the military. There are military loan places that do not do this. Check testimonials and online reviews to make sure you have a reputable place. Compare sites - look at their interest rates and repayment terms. Some places will let you cancel your loan (after you get it) if you change your mind and there is no fee or penalties. Many require you be in the military full time.

    For Credit and finance solutions I recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. RE :Military Loans? Does anyone know where I could get a short-term, not pay-day, loan...other than Pioneer? I need it fast, its for a family emergency and its hard trying to find a place that will loan military members money...My credit isn't too good either. Follow 5 answers

    Fortunately, the internet has opened up a host of opportunities to obtain such loans. There are websites that specialize in just that. Furthermore, there are traditional lenders that offer an online application pathway provides you with provisional acceptance depending upon your ability to prove your statements to the lender<!--This streamlines the lending process and gets rid of a lot of borrowing anxiety. If you meet specified criteria and can prove that you do, then you will definitely get the loan. How to get a particular loan should only be one aspect of your research, the other (even more important) things you need to take into account are the terms and conditions of the loan, your ability to make the monthly-->payments and whether or not you will need to put up real estate as security.Once you have taken the time to ask yourself some searching questions and also get some reliable answers from lenders, you will be in a much better position to choose a loan.

    If you're in the ARMY your first stop should be AER (Army Emergency Relief) basically this is money that is there to help any military member (or family) who is in dire need of cash immediately. There is some paperwork involved of course, but they work with you better than any loan agency. Other than that, call or go to www.militaryonesource.com Read you later.

    Your base should have some sort of program that allows loans for emergencies. I cannot think of the name of the one on Lejeune, so you're best bet is to ask your SNCOIC or something like that. NEVER use pay day loan places. NEVER NEVER. You'll be able to borrow and then they take it our of your pay. Nice and simple. Or have a good friend loan it to you.

    I know of a good loan lender Destiny kings who can help you with a reliable and decent loan, Email destinykingsfinance@yahoo.com {destinykingsfinance@yahoo.com}

    If it is a true family emergency. Call Red Cross. They will help you to get in touch with someone that can help you. Every brnch has a program that lets members borrow money, interest-free for emergencies. The loan must be repaid within one year through an allotment. We had to borrow money through the AF when my grandfather died. It was after hours when we received the call and I personally called Red Cross who got in contact with the AF financial people and helped get me the loan.

    If you are in the Air Force you can use the 'Falcon' program for up to $500 dollars interest free. Regardless of your service contact the Family Readiness {CITY} (or nearest comparable agency). They can point you in the right direction.

    Go to Patriot or Just Military Lending

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