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    I recieved a call from a Florida # (i'm in Texas), the man was foreign & there was a delay on the line as if he were calling from another country. He told me that I was guilty of cyber crime fraud by misrepresenting myself for a pay day loan. He wouldn't tell me the name of the company he was calling from, nor his name, or how he got my info. 1st of all, I've never had a pay day loan. Then he asked me to verify my email address and the last 4 of my social, but I didn't because I wasn't sure if he was trying to scam me or not. For not cooperating the man said he had no choice but to send an officer to my place of employment to arrest me within the next 30 minutes. Well, it's been over an hour and still no sign of an officer... but how did this guy get my number and wouldn't I have been notified by the police dept if I had some kind of case pending against me? This is so bizarre.

    Everything about that call was fake, and it was all illegal too. As a debt collector he cannot have you arrested, you could only be arrested for a criminal act not for default on a loan or failing to cooperate. If he's a debt collector he is required to identify himself and tell you he is attempting to collect a debt, he has to identify who he is working for...etc etc etc

    No .. but they can harass you via the phone .............. send threatening letters.. have collectors call you day & night... ding your credit.. possibly sue you. But you can't go to jail for not paying your bills. This is a scare tactic. Despite other responses on this topic, creditors cannot sue and have your wages garnished in *most* states. If it's a car loan they can repossess the car; if it's a home loan they can foreclose .............. but if it's a credit card all they can do is harrass you relentlessly. Obviously you want to get this in-hand because it will adversely affect your credit score and hurt anything you plan to do in the future... like buy a home, new car, etc etc. Some states even have a Statute of Limitations on the amount of time that bill collectors can collect a past due debt from you.. but the deal is here, you can't have made ANY attempt to pay them or the SOL starts all over again. I would only recommend the latter "route" if you have a circumstance like you plan to file bankrutpcy. But if your intention is to pay .. then by all means .. contact the creditor and try to work out a payment plan that works for BOTH of you........ GOOD LUCK :-)

    NEVER give anybody your personal info over the phone and yes it is a scam. A payday loan company cannot have you arrested. If anything, the leadership(vultures) of Payday loan companies should all arrested and executed for what they are doing to poor people.

    You should keep the number and if you get the call again file a report. It is a scam and they are doing it to other people not just you.

    Probably a scammer you should say sorry you are violation of the US fair collection act and hang up on him because all collectors are required to name the Company they work for by law! he was probally trying to get your social security name so he could open accounts in your name

    There is nobody going to arrest you. It's all a scam to get money out of you.

    Defo a scam, good job you didn't give him any of your info. he was just trying to scare you.

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