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    A payday loan place can not charge you, but if you committed fraud in order to get the loan, they can file a police report and the district attorney may file charges against you. If you took out a loan and have not paid it back, and did not commit fraud, you will not be charged. However the pay day loan place can sue you, and if you do not show a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you are ordered to repay the loan and still do not, another warrant can be issued for your arrest and the court can enforce the judgement meaning they can garnish your wages or place liens on certain assets. @Sans, Failure to appear for a civil case in most counties in Florida results in a bench warrant being issued.

    For Credit and finance solutions I always recommend this website where you can find all the solutions. RE :Can a online payday loan charge you with a felony 1 class in florida? Follow 6 answers

    You'll be able to instanly find a cash payday loan up to $2500 employing this site: I got the payday loan even though I had a very bad credit score.

    It depends if you committed fraud. Did you lie on your loan application about your salary, age, name or any other information? Did you provide a fake bank account number? Did you give them your bank account details knowing you would not have money in the account when the loan was due? Did you write a post dated check knowing the money would not be in your account the date you wrote it for? Did you close your bank account to prevent them from taking a direct debit from your account the date the loan was due? If you did any of the above, then they can charge you

    No. If you don't pay back ANY loan, the worst that can happen to you is that you're taken to court and sued for the amount you owed, plus applicable fees. They're just trying to scare you and it's illegal for them to threaten you with this since they have no intention to, since they know they can't. @Adam Um, no he wouldn't be arrested if he were sued and didn't show up for court. The judge would just declare the other party the winner by default.

    Yes if you provided false info to get a loan.

    Criminal Records Search Database :

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