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    I'm 17 years old and I'm going to attend UC {CITY} in the fall. I want to take out a private student loan to cover some costs, but I can't find the right one. I want the money to be disbursed directly to me and I would prefer if my school does not certify me for it. (I don't want them to know about the loan because they will take away some of my financial aid). I have a good co-signer and all, but the biggest problem im running into is that I'm NOT 18 yet! Are there any private student loans that a 17 year old with a co-signer can apply for? My B-Day is 10/16 but I can't wait that long....

    All legitimate educational loans are founded on the "unmet" need of your "Cost of Attendance". You can not simply contact a bank and say "I'd like you to lend me an unlimited amount of money." As you have correctly guessed, educational lenders certify your loan by contacting your school to insure: 1. That you are actually a student and that you are actually registered for the academic period that you're applying for money for. 2. That the amount of money they lend you does not exceed the remainder of your Cost of Attendance, minus the sum of all other forms of aid that you are receiving. Here's some advice for you - no matter what you plan to do with the "extra" money that you're trying to squirrel away, an educational loan is NOT a smart way to pay for it - especially when you're talking about this kind of private lender educational loan. Private educational loans are variable interest rate loans that have a HIGH risk of a sharp increase in interest rate - they're tied to either the prime rate or the LIBOR rate, both of which are exceptionally volatile over the long term - and "long term" is exactly the kind of loan we're talking about here. Last year, the prime rate was 3.5 percent points higher than it is right now, and in the last 30 years, the prime rate has reached a high of 21.5. A typical private educational loan, with its "Prime plus four" percent rate, would carry an interest rate north of 25 percent if the prime soared like that in the next 15 to 20 years, while you'll be paying back a loan that you take out today. So, no - the legitimate banks won't give you an educational loan without certifying your loan - and to use long-term, high-interest loans to pay for anything other than school or an operation to cure your handsome boyfriend's blindness so you that the two of you can live happily ever after in Never Never Land would be a mistake, anyway. I hope that helped.


    I dont think there are any loans like that

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