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    The formula is Principal * Interest expressed as a decimal * Time in years. $1,700 * .125 * (33/365) = interest is $19.21

    My best guess---$1700.00 x 12.5% (same as multiply 1700 x .125) =$212.50. Next divide by 365 (365 is number of days in a year) 212.50 divided by 365 = .58 which is 58 cents per day. Need 33 days so multiply .58 times 33 =$19.21. {CITY} this is correct and helps.

Mortgage Broker vs Directly dealing with a Bank?

  • Nathanael Blanda
    Nathanael Blanda
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  • Issac Gislason
    Issac Gislason
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  • Lenore Gerlach
    Lenore Gerlach
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  • Vance Stehr
    Vance Stehr
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  • Samson Cruickshank
    Samson Cruickshank
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  • Isac Williamson
    Isac Williamson
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