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Payday Loan in Georgia

    I currently have a checking and savings account with 1stmerit bank.I have 460$ in my paypal account With very bad credit. I just got approved for a 300$ credit limit with orchard bank. I recieved my card in the mail about a week ago. I need a new computer BAD!! this is how I make my money. I don't want to go broke buying it. Should I (A.) deposit my 460$ in my paypal account into my savings account at first merit bank and then aplly for a secured loan the same day. If so How long will it take to get the money? If I were to get a secured credit card they would just take my deposit right? (B.) Should I take my $460 and go to a credit union and open an account and get a secured loan there? How long b4 I could get it there?(C.) Should I try to put some money down somewhere and see if they finance me? (best buy,) I am 29 the $300 credit card is the my first credit card I have ever had in my life. I have a few $1,000's in medical bills on my report credit idk how I got aproved 4 the 300$.

    Please take care - there are scammers on Y!A who actively seek out questions like yours and then offer loans but are scammers Here are some tips for determining whether a loan is legitimate or a scam: 1) They don't use a free email address (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc) 2) They have a secure website you can go to to fill out their application (and no excuses about it being down at the moment) 3) They don't require ANY fees upfront (regardless of whatever excuse they use). Any fees will come out of proceeds of the loan (scammers want their fees via Western {CITY} or Moneygram) 4) They have a REAL address (check it in the yellow pages) you can send mail to 5) They have a REAL phone number, not a cell phone Often if you click on their profile you will find it is created in the last 24 hours - why? Because they are reported, profile closed down, but they simply create a new profile and start up again Save yourself another headache and avoid them like the plague. The one from {CITY} Dingley above my post is a prime example of what I mean.... do not go anywhere near it.

Question about biweekly budgeting?

  • Earnest Fahey
    Earnest Fahey
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  • Walton Mraz
    Walton Mraz
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