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    No, once you sign your loan agreement that is binding contract. If you paid cash, they might be able to. On a large purchase, always take your time and make sure that is what you want. Good deals are out there every day. This might be a good lesson learned the hard way.

    The "buyer's remorse" law varies from state to state. In some states, you ... have 72 hours (3 days) in which you may return the car without penalty. For obvious reasons, however, the dealership doesn't want you to return the car so they may say anything to get you to keep it. Their most common ploy is to make up excuses and stall until the three days expires. Often they'll do this by telling you that the person who handles those problems is "out of the office" or otherwise unavailable. Sometimes they'll just out-and-out lie and tell you that you simply can't return the car ... Your best bet to resolve the problem and/or to find out if your state has a "buyer's remorse" law is to contact the "Consumer Affairs Division" (or similar dept.) of your state's Attorney General's Office. They are there to help you.

    It relies upon. in case you purchased it from a broking service on the broking service's lot, you're out of success. in the different case, you could nicely be able to go back the bike. stick with the link lower than in case you probably did not purchase it at a dealership. Georgia regulation does no longer determination from Federal regulation in any respect in this regard. If all else fails, you should attempt Craig's record....

    Once you leave the property of the dealership, the car is yours, except for any lien-holder's agreement you might have signed. Read the small print. Ask if you don't understand what it means. Videotape the interaction if you feel that you might get screwed. If they won't let you do that, shop somewhere else.

    I had this same problem and didn't ask the right people and got stuck with it. call an attorney now! most attornies wil give a free consultation and most will answer these questions free. ALSO, another car dealership will tell you exactly how to do it. they want your business. good luck and don't wait around on this.

    Most states have a 3 business day cancellation on a contract. Take a look at your paperwork.

    Most states have a 3-day "cooling off" period, where you can return a big purchase like this.

    After you finance a car you are not able to take it back after one day, you are either stuck with it or you have to try to sell the car to someone else.

    Most states, you can break a contract within 48 hours. Find out quick

    Calif. used to have a 3 day cooling off period. NO LONGER! If you live in Ca., you're STUCK with it as soon as the ink is dry.


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