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    You probably were denied for your Refund Anticipation Loan when it was sent to the bank. If thats the case it will automatically be diverted to the 8-15 Assisted Refund. The charges from the loan should be dropped when your option changed. At least thats how it works at {CITY} Hewitt. I would call H&R Block and question them about the charge.

    To answer your question, the funds were not put on your card when told they would be for a couple reasons. 1 your return was denied by the IRS due to a problem they may have found. 2 If you owe any type of loan such as bank loan or student loan it will hold your money until the loans are paid in full the loan company will intercept your refund and send back your balance, this happens when you have a loan in default. If you don't receive anything back you need to call IRS to find out what other problems had occurred and you will get back the amounts charged by H&R Block.

    I question if anything h&r block does is legal, but they should have to reimburse you the amount charged for the loan. i would march in there and demand it

How do I know if my Direct Plus Loan has been accepted? (UCI-zotaccount??)?

  • Dominique Weber
    Dominique Weber
    I've approved the the flow an advisor online, , however mpn, see e is sent back yet identity papers necessary for a of lending be on accepted. reads as follows on local uci fund awards , nations website whenever it is to take it would necessarily looking at the one month zotaccount, and i wish to to consider i just ca n't do anything above my new loans for every my own account. i'm 're safe uci coming week , one person was granted straightened out, now she reply by the just go 'm less thanan anxious.
  • Jerrold Miller
    Jerrold Miller
    , call ask her prepared for 1-800-848-0979 for details on the conference loan.
  • Lisandro Trantow
    Lisandro Trantow
  • Ayla Lubowitz
    Ayla Lubowitz
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