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Payday Loan in Georgia

    When moving to Georgia from Georgia I borrowed my mothers 2008 Chevy Cobalt to move, on my way back up I was in a car accident. They told me if it wasn't for the car being newer the dash board would have crushed my legs and the steering column would have been up through my face. Now you can imagine the car was totaled. However she still owes $3,500 on that car, because she unfortunately did not purchase GAPP insurance when she got the vehicle. Now she has went out and purchased a used 2006 Trailblazer that she loves, but she is now paying 2 car payments and working overtime every single day, which is fine as long as they continue to let her. I love my mom and feel so responsible for this happening, I have my own car loan to pay on as well as many other bills, or I'd be helping her out. My thoughts were what if there was a way to keep the loan at the length it is, but lessen the payments? I'm not sure what she can do but right now it's exhausting and I hate seeing my mom like this. Any ideas on what I/we/she could do?

    1. Putting down a larger sum of the newer vehicle would help but from what you are saying that wont work. 2. Refinance the vehicle and look for a lower rate or make the note longer for now until both of you get back on your feet and then pay more towards it.


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  • Cristian Kuhlman
    Cristian Kuhlman
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    Torey Gutmann
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    Kaylee Bashirian
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    Raheem Stanton
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