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    REGRETS? 1. Taking more loans than what I needed. I owe $25,000 ... and I graduated 9 years ago. 2. That I didn't actually "read" most of my books, so my learning was shallow, at best. 3. That I actually even WENT to college ... because where I work now doesn't require a degree, and pays a LOT more than any "entry-level" job in my field ... my degree is worthless.

    I cant say I really regret for dropping out from the college, but I should have finished the college before entering the business world. I became an entreprenur while in college, and the business took off very fast and started making good money in just 2 years. It became a business of no return. I want to be a chinese medicine doctor or a vet, but I know it will never happen in my life time.

    Absolutely nothing. I never sold back a book, I kept them all. I have an attic full of books which I still use from time to time. I've gone back to college and at age 48 am finishing my PH D in Psychology. I hate to say it but students have it so much easier now than they did 20 years ago. You see a lot of students who skip lectures and have someone tape them. A lot of students do the "bare minimum" not realizing that after they graduate employers are going to look at that. And partying has taken on a whole new "faze". There are more students now who major in "partying" then ever before, and what amazes me is that they somehow convince their parents to pay for it!!! Peace, Love & Happiness

    Let them know that it would mean a lot if you waited until you got your other degrees. Is the college far away? You could use that as an excuse. I did with my master's degree. I went to my ceremony for my B.A., but I got my masters in Canada, and it would have cost a small fortune for me, my mom, and my dad to fly back to Canada for the ceremony, and get a hotel room.

    I never went to college. In fact, I never graduated from high school. I was too busy wildin' out in the streets. Luckily, I've had a career since I was 19 doing mechanical/product design but it's not something I love to do. It just fell in my lap. So my regret would be not going to college in the first place. I may go back at night just to prove a point to myself and also to set an example for my son and my daughter.

    Chasing an inordinate amount of females. I regret my major to an extent. I have a BA in History. I love history, but I'm in the maritime industry now. Had I gone to a Maritime {CITY} I would not be on this computer. I'd be the captain of a massive tanker.

    Work off that food lol Anyway, I regret dating. When personal problems intervene with how hard I work(and I'm a female we get emotional) there are so set backs. I lost a good job. So had family chip in at times on my rent. Then I moved in with my mom but I was still going to school. I never did anything with teaching(I would probably start in a few years), and I wasn't that social. But I like privacy. There were some people I wish I have gotten to know. I'm glad I never dropped out. Went to {CITY} {CITY} in New Hampshire.

    I am in college now and I already owe >$10,000 and I only sold the textbooks that were for classes that have nothing to do with my career goals

    Not controlling my drinking. I did a few stupid things in college that when I look back on it now I just shake my head and say why? But I guess that's a part of growing up.

    If there is anything I regret about college its the fact that I didn't start early, I wasted 2 years doing s**t all, so when I did start most of my hometown friends were finishing it off.

Can I Sue This Scammer ?

  • Adell Parker
    Adell Parker
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  • Camylle Borer
    Camylle Borer
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  • Elisabeth Beier
    Elisabeth Beier
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  • Jovan Schmeler
    Jovan Schmeler
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  • Trenton Doyle
    Trenton Doyle
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  • Juliet Corkery
    Juliet Corkery
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  • Russel Mills
    Russel Mills
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  • Elton Bartoletti
    Elton Bartoletti
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  • Ramiro Gibson
    Ramiro Gibson
    Reported to the police immediatly. putting pressure charges.
  • Robyn Yundt
    Robyn Yundt
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