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    Just curious here are the dates: Divorce 7 sep 05 loan taken out seven days prior. Could this have been prevented? Could the person receiving the home in the divorce have the lawyer put a freeze to prevent this from occurring. The house was sold in aug 08. The remainder was about 470,000 taken out of the final sale for the house to pay the loan (500,000) that was taken out by the ex prior to the day of the trial. It is shady that it occurred and if anyone knows an actual good lawyer in Georgia that can handle divorces and child support issues that will work on a contingency base that would be great to have the number for. Thanks

    Was this before the 1st hearing? Usually, at the initial hearing, the judge will enter an order freezing all assets so that this kind of thing doesn't happen. If it was done by the person who filed the case, and they did it 7 days before the case was coming up to be heard, I would think you could take them back to family court and more than likely the judge will make some accommodation. Unless you have a penis. If so, you're screwed. Georgia is WAAAY liberal, and if you're a guy, just bring the Georgia with you! I've been in Georgia courtrooms a lot with Fathers for Justice, and it's amazing how crooked the Georgia court system is!

    Is it legal ... to avoid detection NOTHING else in the question matters. It is NEVER legal ANYWHERE to do ANYTHING 'to avoid detection'. Even if it were, you would probably be turned down when the bank checked the title and it was flagged as 'frozen' by the divorce court.

    I live in Georgia too!

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